Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Secretary with NO Ulterior Motive? Amazing!

I'm following an example from a recent previously posted caption and .. simplifying some things!

Sometimes we have our antagonists weave a huge web of deceit and revenge scenarios to keep the captions interesting. Perhaps though we need to simplify things and take an honest path to enlightenment, right? The truth hurts!

Made this for Simplysays, and it's straight forward to the point of bluntness I think. No bobbing and weaving through any sort of twists, or turns of fate. Of course, you don't know that at the start, but at the "perhaps you should do the same." line, it's just a bunch of absolute truths heaped upon poor David .. and honestly, he really should pick up his purse and get out of there for the night! All in all, it isn't anything personal, just the secretary saw him as an impediment to any upward job mobility with him standing in her way at that position, so she needed to remove him from being competition.

And I find this a pretty refreshing TG caption, don't you? I almost hate to put it up in the Thursday night death slot of the blog, but it has been slow all week anyway. Been trying to post some captions with a few things that fall into "lesser traveled TG paths" for plots that I use, things like smoking and more erotic source photos than usual. Those tend to get views but not necessarily comments or 2nd views. I think this caption might be strong enough to break through the 'weekend downturn" of page hits, but only time will tell.

Feel free to comment on this caption, and/or tell me about events that you love to do that seem to be more of a autumn/fall. Figured I would ask as some good ideas might turn into good captions. Can't hurt to ask. I'm sure most people are already sick of pumpkin spiced captions!


  1. And when he got home I guess his wife was really surprised....

  2. A great caption. as you know even my simple captions tend to turn to sagas. Love how you touch all the bases in so few line.
    In the uk we have Guy fawkes night, now do gooders try to label bonfire night. Where we celebrate an attempt to blow up king and parliament. Lots of flame fireworks and burnt hands. its great to have irresponsible traditions.