Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Fierce and Fabulous Future .. If Skynet Can Do Its Job Correctly!

A T-6969 unit is our only hope. Will we ever "be back" the way we were before? Come inside!

Well, here is the caption I made for the Time Travel contest at Starz Caption Site. I don't see a way to vote, so just go and check out all the captions people made.

This is one of those contests where she supplied about 20 photos and you had to use at least one of them to go along with the theme. When I saw this one, it just spoke to me and it was fun to write, especially since I decided to star myself in it. Why not? Being a smart scientist AND a smart drag something or other? Sign me up for some of that!

I think it is the newspaper article that really makes the caption good. Everything else is just a setup, and the news blurb just seals the deal. "Grannies for Trannies" especially! A very silly caption that you cannot take seriously, no matter what your political or social persuasion, right?


  1. It was explained to me that you could not change the past. Because if you send the t6969 back then in the new time line the thing you wanted to change never happened so you do not send a t6969 back therefore the original time line does happen.
    Aren't i a temporal killjoy.
    P S I might come back and delete this but as I did not write it I won't.

    1. Well, according to "real life" you can't, but I think that James Cameron would try to put a hit on you if you were able to delete a billion dollar universe of films!

      And who doesn't want President RuPaul? I can see all the people now .. I thought I voted for Ron Paul!

    2. oh no not another price on my head. I am still in hiding from Seth Macfarlane.
      A President and first lady rolled into one. But half the national budjets spent on high heels.