Sunday, August 20, 2017

Killing Two Birds with Two Boobs!

That's not the title, is it? God knows I need to think things through before posting, amirite?

Well, hopefully people will enjoy it anyway.. Had Brittany in mind when I created the caption setting to go with the photo, but hadn't had any time to write it out until a few hours ago. Did I mention that I've been busy as fuck lately? Well, I've been busy as fuck .. now you know! Probably be limited through Labor Day I'm betting, not sure how much further beyond that. I'll know when I get there!

Anyway, This caption is straightforward with no twists and turns, right? Just two big nice, round and juicy jugs to make you drool! Let me know what kind of caption you'd like to see next? Perhaps I can whip up a blog exclusive in the next day or two to keep you all interested?


  1. Someone else will be whining from now on about the noises coming from my bedroom.


  2. From a rut to two bulges oh and another moist rut.