Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A Walk in the Park Isn't Quite A Walk in the Park Anymore Once You Have Kids!

Having a child makes you see all sorts of different dynamics play out, and I am ..

.. mainly talking about the adults!

I remember taking my daughter to the park and while I was playing with her, you could literally see the horns growing out of single mom's head all over the place. Plus she was adorable and, if I was single, literally the best wing man you could have ever had!

I guess the moral of the story is, if you want to hook up with a woman, rent a child or something, as it will get her biological clock moving, which is somewhere in that mess of lady parts deep inside of her .. the woman doesn't even have to be a mother, just over the age of 28 or so.

So, that experience of dealing with mommy type women influenced the making of this caption. Let's face it, women can be jealous of other women. She knows how women work in general, so she can't change EVERY girl in the world .. but she certainly can keep control of ONE guy. That reasoning works well in the TG fiction world too.

And when you are living with a guy 24/7, perhaps she'll get sick of how messy they can be, and Kendra ends up staying around more and Kevin seems to disappear for long stretches of time. Hell, perhaps they can have another child and this time, Kendra can do the breastfeeding and deal with all the labor pains. So yes, this probably will end up a loving lesbian couple, aka the happy ending that everyone wants to see!

This is guaranteed to make you feel old!


  1. I quite often look after my friend four year old.
    i find you can do lots of things an adult on their own might look a little odd.
    Ride on swings, build sand castles, skate board, climb trees and many more. all to encourage the little one obviously. To big for THE bouncy castle though. RATS!

  2. Maybe she could babysit for me....no baby I mean for me!!!