Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wendygirl .. The Heel Turn! aka Hear Me, O Mistress of the Night!

What do you want? Of COURSE I am going to be the epitome of femininity and evil! DUH!

Was it evil of me to picture myself as the Mistress of the Night? It was certainly fun to write, and I do enjoy corrupting the young and stupid! I mean, without prodding you all, I would NEVER get enough people to worship me like I deserve, so I've got to sell the sizzle as well as the steak!

Anyway, I thought that Wendy had been an innocent submissive girl for far too long and needed to be a bit more manipulative and self-serving. What better way to do that than through a TG Caption? It's a perfect cover as no one would think that this sweet girl could bring down a man's (and quite a few women's) soul through temptation? Well, with Mistress Dee's help, anything is possible, and I always seem to step up my writing game when crafting something for Wendy.

"I cry out in hunger for some supple skin, 
to wrap up my mortal bones within!"

As per her response, "Oh my goodness Dee, what marvelous personae you have created for both of us. Love the lascivious Wendy you have turned me into, sexy redhead sub of her beautiful mistress. Are you evil? Not really. Enjoy corrupting, well that's what a mistress of the night would do, right?
Superb writing, conveying the whole scenario via the first person. Wonderful caption dear Dee!"

Of course, I love it when others volunteer for duty, like KarenSue. "Me, me, corrupt me next, Wendy. Then we can spend a wonderful time corrupting each other before you get back to work."

Damn, it's been cold here in New England. We had a HIGH of 52 degrees F today! Supposed to be in the low 40's overnight. This is June, right? Perhaps hell has frozen over!

Should be back, barring further chilly weather on Thursday with another caption (or two!) The question I have for you is, "What would you like to see next here on this blog?" Got any ideas, post them in the comments below. Wish to send me tributes of some sort, like fertile virgin souls (or amazon gift cards) let me know and I'm sure your obligations will be met .. as you wish!


  1. so good and lovely i like it beautyfullpictures@gmail.com

  2. Oh mistress of the night. I know its only ten but i have been up since five and well i am not getting any younger. Think i well put the electric blanket on. a cup of warm milk and an early night. ok ok I well make you a sacrifice! lets see Erm how about these nice chocolate cookies?

    1. I think I need to redirect your sacrifice to the "Bridget Jones Cat Ladies of the Night" support group sweetie!

  3. Linda e gostosa gata,adoraria chupa-la todinha ante de fode-la,que delicia,assim assim aqui,nu e de pau muito duro,beijos.....