Sunday, June 4, 2017

It Should Really Be Called .. Pandora's Tardis!

I mean, what girl doesn't want more storage space? Step inside for wonders galore!

Not much in the way of wonders here .. just wanted to use the word "galore" somehow. Made this for Terri on the Haven, and had this picture sitting on my hard drive for a few weeks that I had wanted to utilize. It was just getting the thing into a caption setting and writing it out.

It's a basic Auto-closet caption with a bonus of exploding the femininity contained within unto the formerly masculine domain of the protagonist. It was fun to just put up a checklist of clothing items in a dramatic way .. as a literal bomb of vintage en femme accoutrement.

And it fits in with many of the segments that enjoy TG captions. Many like to be changed but either by "force" or "Accidental on purpose" where his curious nature got the best of him. It was a "no harm / no foul" transformation that could have happened to anyone who bought the trunk. It also shows us the thrill of the hunt with the payoff being a venerable grand bounty of rockabilly culture wrapped up in one awesome treasure chest .. and a fat booty indeed!

Along those lines, Terri in her reply brought up something else: "The wonderful thing about thrift stores is you don't know where things came from or what history they may have or if the past owner might rub off on you a little..." The allure of Goodwill and stores of that nature has waned a bit for me with the proliferation of bedbugs in the last 10-15 years, but I can certainly understand the sentiment. You are purchasing someone else's history: Perhaps a dress that was worn to a wedding, an army jacket that has been worn on 4 continents, or a piece of old furniture that traveled across the mountainous regions of my country in a covered wagon.

Back in a day or two when the dwarf I'm portraying ISN'T Sneezy! Fuckin' allergies!


  1. Thrift stores are a guilty pleasure of just never know what you'll find!!!!
    I love the idea of his whole world changing in one big poof of girly things! I always wonder though in stories like this....has the whole world changed too....does his family and friends remember him as a little girl or do they just deal with the idea that he's disappeared forever? What about his drivers security....
    Anyways....I loved it Dee...

  2. The trouble is going to pack it all back up again. things never fit back in the same.
    I recommend vacuum bags. A handy tip for star wars fans. kids dolls or teddy bears placed in said bags are great for recreating the Hans solo uncased in carbonite look.

  3. love it. probably the best 20 dollars she ever spent.