Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Powers of Positive Thinking! Something for Steffimarie!

It's an elemental truth that positivity works wonders! Come inside to see how well it does!

Made this for Steffimarie, who if you've been around awhile, you might remember her for her site under that name, or also Britney Shagwell. She essentially retired at some point in 2014, and recently popped back into the Haven .. where the Cheerleading offer from Drew, aka 'Frombowtotoe' to help out fund raising to keep the Haven open piqued her interest. You may remember mine here on the blog, just scroll down, and perhaps onto the next page to see them, If I get permission from Steffi, perhaps I'll put them up here for non-Havenites to view. By the way, the Save-The-Haven offer raised more than 350 dollars to keep the place going! I am so happy that this brought out TWO relatively retired captioners from their rocking chairs back into the spotlight for a moment, Steffimarie and Elena Starz, who also contributed a piece.

So, Steffi did not want to really get back into the captioning game at this time, so she said "No Trades!" But I had already made her one for her run of awesome cheerleader and teenybopper captions, which is honestly her wheelhouse. Between Totalditz, Courtney Captisa and Steffi, THEY are the ones to blame when I pine to be a giggly, schoolgirl with braces and poppin' lip gloss!

Long story getting longer, I had found this picture that was textbook Steffi, and wrote something that was a bit different in layout styling for me. You know, that sabbatical stuff where I'm searching for a new way of looking at things to refresh myself? Well, I had watched Rocky Horror the night before, so "Don't dream it, be it!" was drifting around my head and it just went from there. Hell, I even got to start going from FtM in the caption, or perhaps just into she-male territory. Sounds like fun!

So, for the next post (either Tuesday or Wednesday) I am going to go a bit into detail with a comment I posted on Erin's blog in regards to her hitting 1 million views! Good for her! She talks about the TG community, referencing a post I made a few weeks ago, and why it may seem a bit splintered. I posted a fair chunk right in the comments, but here I'll be able to elaborate more. As this post is all about Positing Thinking, here's the last part of the comments here to set the stage for the next post.
That last paragraph really did hit the spot. We all need comments, for whatever reason we can come up with. For many, it's justification that what we are doing is being well received and enjoyed, and people like Felicia Hextus make you feel really special when she comments on a caption you made for her. For me, I like comments because many times I am trying to get a discussion going to engage the reader, and often I'll learn something in the exchange. People don't often understand how powerful an effect that positive words can mean to someone. 
So on that note, I conclude this huge comment (that I'll probably use to make my own posting and elaborate more!) with a congrats on 1 million page-views! I enjoy your work and always look forward to seeing your blog flourish and always have fun when we trade captions at the Haven. I wish much success for you going forward!

If you missed her on the Haven, say hi, or whatever you want to Steffimarie in the comments .. and I'll make sure she gets them or sees them. Feel free to talk about the caption as well, or your thoughts about positive thinking /reinforcement, which I believe is a subset of NLP. Anyone out there an expert on NLP or self-hypnosis and wants to talk about it?


  1. I enjoyed Steffi Marie's caps, could we expect a full return? And if only I could change my body with my mind. Fun cap!

    1. Sorry to say, but most likely not. She's got lots of real life keeping her busy.

      And yeah, I think we can make subtle changes to ourselves with the influence of thought, but nothing like what we see here in the caption! Yet!

  2. I do hope Steffimarie well want to share the captions. She is a captioner I miss very much.
    I am quite sure that positive thinking and hypnosis can influence us mentally. i a fairly sure it can not change your body. Although having said that some people can contol body heat, breathing and heart beat. maybe it might be possible to control hormone production?
    Who wants to conduct an experiment? Maybe just try to grow one boob and keep the otherside as the control.

    1. That would almost sound like a mafia name. "hey! Have you seen 'One Tit' McGee around here? Asshole owes me a sandwich!"

  3. Brittany7

    Hi Steffi. Miss your wonderful captions. I wish they could be restored on blogger.