Sunday, April 30, 2017

Kevin Won't Come Back from Dead Man's Curve ..

., but Chloe will definitely live to tell about it!

Made this caption about 2 hours ago so it's tasty and fresh right from the oven of Dee's mind!

As I wrote in Totalditz's trading area:

I've been afraid to caption you lately, as the last one I made (the pampered diva party caption) was one of my favorite creations ever and I knew it'd be hard to top it.

But I had to make something for you sooner or later, and found this picture that gave me a story we could both star in. Seeing a bunch of classic cars driving around today in the nice weather jogged in my memory of the songs my dad would listen to in his 71 Road Runner when I was young. Now that I think about it, In the early 90's when my parents were looking for car for the soon-to-be driving Dee, we test drove a 1975 Redacted for Privacy with a 351 V8 that was being sold for 500 bucks. I pinned my parents to the backseat and they said I'd probably have wrapped myself around a tree within a month .. and they were probably right! Still though, I wish they would've bought the car and put it aside for a much more responsible Dee .. I would be ready to drive it sometime next year?

So, now that I think about it, this caption is based-on-a-true-story! Who would have thought that eh?

I had to redact the vehicle because it isn't exactly a huge production car and if by any chance any friend's of Damien swing by here, it could be an identifying car/story I've told before.

I think this might be the 2nd or 3rd caption I've made with this new font I'm testing out. Not quite sure I like it yet, though it looks pretty good in a text setting. Let me know what you think.

Another question I have is this: As I was writing the caption, I saw that not only did it have age regression in it, but a bit of cuckolding as well, which I chose to play up. Now that I'm looking back, is it officially cuckolding? I mean, she did turn him into a girl and is now dating a man, but she did it to save his life .. perhaps the magic only worked a certain way? And she certainly wouldn't have relations with a daughter, and as a straight female, she would date again. Once again. let me know how you feel about this whether it is actual cuckholding or more of a embarrassing thing for Chloe to see his former wife dating, and knowing that she'll probably date a boy as well soon enough?

That's it for tonight! I am hoping for some good news in a few days. Please keep me in your prayers, affirmations, candle burning, cattle mutilations, etc .. keeping good vibes heading my way. I need it!

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  1. I think every one remembers their first car fondly. However much of an old heap it was.
    Mine was a mid 70s Austin Allegro which had a square steering wheel. A nice simple car i could do a head gasket on it in an afternoon, just stick a bolt in the flywheel to keep the timing.
    I don't think it is cuckolding if there is no cock to cuck. Still a frustration though and i think a bit of an over reaction on a car purchase.