Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Valentine's Date That Was ... or Wasn't?

Ron could only prove that February 14th DID happen ...

... Everything else is as fuzzy as his heeled slippers!

I haven't been totally quiet on the captioning front. I had a caption saved for Brittany if she had made me a caption (and she did) and when Lacy captions me, I try to capback as soon as I can .. and so this one came about around the time I started the sabbatical. Tried to do something a bit different to make it interesting for me (and hopefully the readers) so I used a POV photo AND really emphasized it, to the point where there is only a column of text to read. I thought that would give a perspective of really BEING IN the caption .. plus it would keep the writing down to a bare minimum. I think it worked well on both accounts.

I'm glad to say that Lacy enjoyed it. "Loved the stockings and I can only imagine how the sexy dress feels against my skin. What a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day dressed in this sexy outfit and her calling me to come to bed. Deeeelightful caption. You never miss."

I've also written a few others, but not sure if/when I'll post them. Perhaps every Sunday for the time being, I guess. If I get caught up on the Nor'easter storm heading our way on Tuesday, I'll possibly post something on Wednesday. Once a week seems like a somewhat maintainable posting goal at this point, so I have plenty of time for myself and yet post more than some of the other captioners that haven't been around in some time. I guess it seems weird to say I'm taking time off when I'm still posting once a week, but I think everyone can tell this truly is "a vacation" for myself.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: So what TG blogs have you been visiting in my relative absence? Figured I would ask, as perhaps I'll find a few new places to visit I haven't seen yet!


  1. Hi Dee, I liked the cap and I loved the stockings!!!!
    If I can't have a "taste" of you more often I'll settle for once a week....I understand the whole sabbatical thing....I've been doing two posts a day to both of my blogs for years and sometimes it feels like I've got no more left!!!!
    Maybe I'll take a break one of these days too....but I'm not there yet!!!
    Hope the snow isn't too bad on Tuesday and I hope you're feeling better.....
    It's hard to type this with all these damned tumbleweeds blowing into me!!!
    Love and kisses

    1. We made out ok on Tuesday. it moved a bit more west on its path and we ended up with a bunch of wet snowy slush. YUCK! Sure beat two feet of snow though!

      Glad you liked the caption. I think there is at least one more caption I have made that you'd like, since it involves a sissy cuckold. At least it did when I started writing it!

  2. The caption reminds me of some valentines days when it was just me and naughty miss Hand.
    A cheap date but it was a low point when she wanted to start seeing other men.
    I am a bit behind on my blog viewing but has great posts if you have not seen it yet.

    1. I checked it out quickly. Seems decent. Just had trouble really reading it as each caption had ONE BIG LONG PARAGRAPH without breaks, which made them hard to read.

  3. What a treat. I get to see a little more about your thoughts about creating this lovely caption. The stockings really are sexy and is the whole theme behind the caption. I loved it.