Sunday, March 5, 2017

Ms. Mentia .. She's the Hero Gotham Deserves ..

Totally forgot I was supposed to post something this evening! Oops?

Honestly, I looked up at the clock and it said 10:30 PM and I was like, "hmm, it's Sunday, isn't it? I think I've been posting every Sunday on my blog and .. FUCK! Time to make the donuts!" Luckily, I have a caption or two I've written in the past month or so that I can post so people don't forget who the hell I am.

Saw a caption submitted by Kaityn in the March 2017 Caption Contest that was rather amusing, and then read the contest rules (Be heroic and tell us about the newest superhero on the block, YOU! Oh and the cap needs to include an origin too.) and thought, "this could be fun!" It started mostly with an idea of having a girl named "The Invisible Vixen" that was HIGHLY visible .. she was nude! It was just her costume that was see-through. 

So I hunted down a picture of a nude woman in a mask and necklace, and I found this one. Started writing and then "Dee Mentia" took over and pretty much rewrote my one joke caption into something more befitting her. It is definitely a case of a caption getting away from me.

SO yeah. There it is. Look at the lovely plumage!

Please keep Brittany, a constant submitter through most of the DIY Caption Challenges that I offer, in your prayers. She just recently came out of the hospital where an infection attacked her left amputeed leg, and they had to remove a bit more below the knee. She's now home and recovering while she awaits a new prosthetic. Heal up (and heel up!) soon sweetie!

Still on my sabbatical. Will try to continue posting once a week. Are you enjoying the captions from others that you may have missed from way back when? 


  1. Nice one Dee....Nice to know there's a level headed female keeping an eye on the super boys!!! Over the years I've posted a few times about Superman....I've always thought he might have pink panties on below those red briefs....he just seems like the type to me!!!
    Enjoy your sabbatical, during my brief vacation I've lost approximately 100 readers a day.....if you see these poor souls wandering around lost please tell them I'll keep a light on in the window for them!!!
    Loving the reruns of the other caps too.....they may be oldies to you but they're new to me!!!

    1. I've taken a huge hit in page views, though it's not a biggie. Usually have about 6-8 thousand when I post something new, then a day of 4k and 2-3k for a few days afterwards. Now I'm getting a steady 1,800 or so whether I post or not! If/when I come back for real, I'm sure it'll take awhile to build it back up, but I'm not worried about that at this moment.

      The superhero thing has always seemed weird, in that you'd think they'd need a good personal life to balance all their tough battles, but if they did, why would they put all that on the line against killers and other scum of the earth? Instead, they tend to have isolated lives or lots of personal issues that keep them on the edge.

      Thanks for swinging by here even when there are tumbleweeds blowing through the comment section!