Sunday, February 19, 2017

Big Long Boners! .. a Caption from Caitlyn Masked

Definitely no sad trombone sounds here for this caption! and look at the wah-wah's I've got there!

A flashback from a few years ago from someone that became a good friend of mine over the years. Seems like she is taking a bit of a sabbatical as well since I don't think she's posted any obscura in at least a month. Maybe if I rattled the cages at D+X Institute, she'd moan out to us in pleasure.

This caption did draw a great response from Simone, who also happens to been missing for the last four months from her blog. Jeez, wonder where I got the idea to take some time off from? Anyway, Simone said, "Dementia's Big Boobs of Sound!  The new Swingin' show down at the Haven Lite Lounge!  Dress code is strictly enforced. . . .(by magic)" I'd be more popular that Charo, I can guarantee you that much! Coochie Coochie!

If you haven't been following lately, I am on sabbatical here. Read the previous post for more information. Even though I've been sick this week, it's been an enjoyable one, and I think I replied to most of the comments when I popped in on Thursday. I will probably do the same in the middle of this week as well.

And if you are looking for a President's Day Weekend caption, go HERE for a blast from the past, aka 2011. Enjoy!


  1. This was an unexpected gift. I know you miss a lot of the old cappers at The Haven but their work survives. Thank you.


    1. Thought it would be nice to see something from Caitlyn that was silly yet sexy. I don't think we saw enough of that, as she was certainly capable of it. More than anything, the style and craftsmanship stands out on its own, doesn't it?

  2. It could have been worse. Try imagining a flute, what would your playlist look like then.
    Great choice with this cap.

    1. Horribly, it would probably be mostly Jethro Tull songs!