Friday, January 6, 2017

Top 10 Captions of 2016 (Part 1)

Once you start, you can't stop. My captions are a lot like Doritos .. but spicier!

I wanted to go through all my captions that I made in 2016, and pick out my favorite TEN captions of the year, and possibly explain WHY I liked them so much. Time often gives us a bit of perspective and maybe a few fell between the cracks and I like them more now than when I made them. Others were favorites of mine from the get go! There are no captions from December 2016 as its too early for me to say if they were some of the best of the year. We shall see how my favorites lined up with yours! Let me know if I missed a really good one!

There is no real particular order to these Top 10 since I'm just going to grab them as I go along. These first five will be from May-November of 2016.

I just thought that this was a really cute premise, that followed all the way through. I mean, the "Wicked Witch" has a nephew that works at an animal shelter? Sounds like a Disney movie to me! Of course, the zinger at the end was just a cherry topper on a delicious caption sundae. Click HERE for the original posting.

This is another one that I thought had a wonderful premise, and not usually a vehicle for transformations, and that was a certain color .. in this case, red. It's hot as hell to read as all her senses are overwhelmed with femininity. Even the background intergrated itself into the story line. A TG caption that makes you think you can fuck a rainbow! See the original post HERE!

Noticing a trend here yet? I stretched out my captioning muscles on this one by making an inanimate object caption I wouldn't mind reading many times. You can read more about the creation of it HERE and I'm still as happy with the construction of it now as I was when I started making it.

This caption is defnitely "Meta" to its core, and starring one of my favorite Haven people of the past, Bimbo Jessica. It takes many real-life aspects of Andy/Jess and many of the people that are no longer there, and works it right into the caption itself. It's so fun to read yet if you were put in that situation, it might be considered a horror story! CLICK HERE to see the original post.

I love the way the mood shifts as the caption moves along towards its conclusion. Sunny and bright until it is almost dripping with darkness .. but filled with sunshine and tanning lotion! See more discussion about this one by clicking THIS LINK!

 Some Honorable Mentions

Doesn't crack the Top 10 (I had 210 postings in 2016 so choosing 10 captions means that I am literally picking about 4 percent of the captions I could highlight!) but damn, this does something to me when I read it. Maybe it's just having Danica looking down at the reader, but it just sets up the rest of the story so completely. Not sure I've made a more humiliating yet hot caption this year, and it should be at the top of anyone who likes POV captions as well. Click HERE for the original post.

This might be my favorite Auntie / Stepmother TG caption of the year, and what makes it for me is that the "son" pretty much brings it upon himself and does most of the work against him. That and the often confusing day/month/year version of the date that Europeans use -vs- the Americans order of month/day/year. A better explanation of this caption can be found HERE!

This is one of those "one-note" captions that is so much fun, it's like "Land of a Thousand Dances" that only has one chord (E) and the band just plays the fuck out of that one chord! And the ending? OMG I still laugh everytime I read about what is inside his pants! We need to see more of the Deaf Imp in 2017! To catch up on the behind the scenes for this caption, click HERE.

Be on the lookout for the rest of the Top 10 to be posted at some point in the near future. This honestly took me way too much time, although it was fun to compile. It's also given me a few theme ideas to work on in 2017.


  1. Thanks for all your great work all year! ~sara