Monday, November 21, 2016

The Wizard of "Aww's"

Apparently after a week of gloom and doom, I was in the mood for something playfully silly ..

.. and fun .. and that means making a caption for Jinny Jezebel. Well, that was 2 weeks ago, around the weekend after the election. But it is still silly and fun. I think it is also charming. As per the post:

I had this picture sitting on my hard drive for a few months, and just looking at it today gave me the impetus to tackle it right away. Looking at some of the other captions I've made you, this is the second time I put you on a bicycle!

Some people just look good on bikes, right? I was glad to see that others were as playful as I was.

Karensue piped up. "Hmm, is there some sort of play on a movie here or something? I seem to be missing it. Oh well, it'll probably hit me like a twister later. Gotta run, auntie Em is calling."

So I had to to crack wise back. "You got me! It's based on that childhood classic, Bride of Chucky."

Me from a few years ago would've hit people over the head with Wizard of Oz references, but I like to think I'm a bit more restrained. If you hadn't put Almira Gulch together in the first paragraph, you probably wouldn't really have followed until the onslaught in the 4th paragraph. Well, unless you read the title of the caption and saw a girl riding a bike with a basket on the front and added them together at least! The ending honestly came to me last .. Thank Goddess for that! I didn't really have a way to end it, and was trying to think of a "downside" to acting more like Dorothy than her Aunt / Wicked Witch, so I was like, "hmmm, oh yeah! the music while she was riding her bike!" It seems like a bit of a throwaway line, but I think it is whimsical and gives you that last kick in the ribs back to the original movie being referenced.

No "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" here. More like some Me First and the Gimme Gimmes!

DIY Challenge for November 2016

This week is Thanksgiving week, which will immediately proceed the commercial hell of Black Friday. What challenge do I have for you for the rest of November? It is not a caption to be made. I know that I am not the only TG website you visit. Even though I never think I get enough comments, I am luckier than 95 percent of the creators to get the feedback that I do, and I am grateful for that.

My challenge to you .. each and every reader of this blog. Go out to all of your "regular TG haunts" online .. and THANK the creators for the time and effort they put into entertaining you. Just a simple little note; you don't have to put yourself out, but tell them something to let them know you appreciate what they do. How you were going through a rough time and their work made you laugh, made you smile, made you horny, made you feel like you belong. Even a simple "Thank you for all that you do here. Keep up the good work."

The deadline is 12 midnight PST on November 30th, but honestly, when it comes to this, do it now, and do it often. Just one per site per day will make someone's week or even month! Thank the sites that are my list to the left, or give thanks to those I might not have seen yet. Hell, tell me about some of the places you enjoy in the comments below, Maybe sharing them will boost their page views and expose them to people who didn't know about them before. Don't be a turkey! Give thanks!


  1. Well, I twigged as soon as I saw the name "Gulch" and the bicycle -- and before I saw the little dog, too!
    It didn't quite get a laugh out of me, though, until I got to the "ominous music" coming from the bike...!

  2. No puppies for me thanks....but I'd love to have one of those darling flying monkeys please!!!