Friday, January 20, 2017

Teach a Girl to Fish, and ... She'll Catch the Big One!

Honestly had no idea what to call this. It is a sweet caption, and deserves a better title!

I made this one for Kaitlyn, whose page you'll see in the left hand column. I figured she would like this one as it takes some caption tenets and tilts them on their ear I think. Some conventions need to be broken! Like for instance, I'm not even sure if this will get my page opens or comments because everyone can see a girl holding up a fish, which isn't exactly a sexy proposition.

She did like it, and said thusly:
"Well, you know I'm all about that bass...  ;D Tilting away as always--I like that you brought in that just because someone likes something doesn't hold them to a gender stereotype."
I think we tend to grasp the TG nature of captions in a very stereotypical way, because of the very nature of a small canvas with a limited amount of words .. to invoke a sense of gender upheaval far away from the masculine nature we'd like to see erased. Most fetishes are stereotypes entrenched in our hierarchy of needs and wants. If you have a thing for maids, it'll almost certainly be the French variety, with the short outfit with heels and fishnets, perhaps a feather duster and hair band. It doesn't matter that literally NO ONE ever dresses like that for the job anymore. It just isn't sexy to wear a work shirt / tunic with a drawstring cotton blend or polyester pair of pants and a pair of sneakers or those sexy crocs!

So nine out of ten times, I'll make a caption with the sexy maid outfit, but for that tenth time, I will want to do something more realistic. Maybe it'll suck, but it WILL be different and realistic! Hopefully though, you will still want to read it.

On another note, I tried to keep of of social media today so .. anything happen today? Just another ordinary day with nothing much of note happening. I just have to make sure I don't watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory .. I keep thinking those orange skinned people with small hands are going to try to take away my health insurance!

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  1. A great caption . it gives a little pause for thought.

    Give a man a rod and he well go up to his bedroom for half an hour !