Sunday, January 1, 2017

Oh That Stare! Something about that Stare!

What machinations are being formed behind those eyes ... but look at those tits!

Starting making this caption the other day, but I got bogged down a bit when I hit the line that has since been italisized. Where could I honestly go with it next? It is obvious that a look like that means she is up to no good. Then I figured to myself .. what if there is no good person in this scenario? That would certainly make this story stand out more from your usual TG caption.

Yeah, it is pretty cynical to think about something like this and come up with that conclusion, but it does have a romantic bit of justice for the wicked attached to it. Some evil person is going to end up the winner .. it just might not be the one you expected. That truly is the way of the world in how it is currently constructed. * bearing a shit-eataing grin* Happy 2017 everyone!

Actually, this could've ended up even more wicked. I thought about her having a "change of heart" with lines like, "Hmmm, perhaps instead I'll marry the bastard and make an honest man of him." "and maybe I'll dye my hair black. It'll contrast so much with the white wedding gown .. and his blood drenching it from my bodice down to my shoes .. I've always envied the Black Widow spiders!" but I never fleshed it out, and figured it was best to stop where I did.

Hope everyone had a great time kicking 2016 to the curb. Welcome to the hangover that IS 2017!


  1. I love reading about where you were thinking of taking this cap. I also love puffy nipples. A lot. Happy New Year ~ Olivia

  2. Hope you are recovered from the hang over. Maybe he knows that she knows but she suspects that he knows to. but he has allowed that she might know that she knows that he knows and so makes out that he doesn't. Sorry does your head ache again ? thing is this is where things get tricky....