Friday, December 30, 2016

It's a Good Bet! .. Plus DIY Challenge Results!

You really shouldn't lie to your wife if you know what's good for you!

Made this caption and thought about giving it to someone, but honestly, I don't think it really snagged anyones overall preferences enough to offer it as a trade. Secondly, I am working from my new 40" Samsung TV/Monitor .. and I'm not quite sure I have all the color balance / corrections down yet, so this might seem horribly put together pallette wise. I knew my last monitor very well and had no issues with brightness/darkness, contrast, etc ... I adjusted this fucker (the monitor) about 4 times before realizing it had a eco-detection that would reduce brightness based on ambient lighting blah blah blah. Love the amount of room I have to work with, but if it giving me false hues, then everything I work on is going to look like shit. Let me know in the comments if it looks as good as my previous stuff or what I might have to do in fixing this for future captions.

Now to the DIY Challenge results. I am leaving Saturday afternoon for a few days away to visit the GF's family, so I am going to post these as they came in. Show them some love in the comment section. Until recently, this felt like perhaps the final DIY Challenge, but I'm really not sure if I am going to keep it going, modify it somehow, or let it continue on as is. Once again, I don't mind people giving me their opinion.

First up is Brittany, with a two parter:

Then Ian emailed me a caption (eventually!) via attachment!

And right in under the wire, Helena submitted 2 panels with mythology mixed into reality!

Nice to know that we are going to have some fun when the apocalypse comes into play! I figure that it'll be fun to hang out with all the cockroaches and Keith Richards .. all singing Karaoke.

As mentioned above, I won't be around much until late Monday evening, though I'll try to check in now and again. If I get some time tomorrow morning, I will set up a caption to be posted ... most likely on Sunday. My time here has been spent trying to weed out my favorite for the end of year recap .. I've had some really awesome captions, and some lousy ones too! See you in 2017!


  1. Love your caption let him dig the hole and push him in. i think the yellow on yellow was a little hard to read but no big deal. a 40 monitor nice.
    Great captions Brittany and Helena. I do hope you keep the D I Y I do enjoy the interesting themes and conundrums.

    1. Just floated on by here right before leaving and saw your comment Ian.

      I knew these colors might be an issue. I just went back and gave a quick dark grey highlight to the font in hopes that it will define the text a bit better.

      And everyone else out there. PLEASE feel free to let me know if there is something not quite right with the color balance, brightness, contrast or whatever else you think is wrong with the caption. Not telling me these things is only going to prolong the amount of time before I can make sure my monitor is calibrated properly!

  2. I second Ian's notion about keeping the DIY going.