Sunday, December 4, 2016

Look at Me! A Study in Instant Gratification!

Yeah. At some point you might notice that there are words next to the photo. Maybe.

Made this caption for a newbie to the Haven, Rachel Terzanelle, though she's had a blog for quite some time. Anyway, I wanted to break her trading folder cherry, so I made this caption for her.

I was quite taken by the picture, and honestly anything I wrote with it would probably be well received, just because the model is just THAT adorable, adorkable, and sexy at the same time.

So, I had just finished a conversation on Facebook with a friend about the way technology has changed out lives literally just over 20-25 years ago. Tell teenage Damien that he'd be able to hold his entire record collection on a box the size of a pack of gum, or be able to watch movies and videos on his wireless, portable phone .. he'd probably try to punch you if you were male, and date you if you were female, but that is another story! .. he'd be incredulous! Any song you want, at any time you want, wherever you want .. pretty much for free!

Anyway, that led to this caption, where the instant culture leads to a devaluation of everything. As I put in the original posting to her folder:
Reading your preferences and the age range made me think of how the Internet and technology have made many of us .. but specifically those growing up with it intrinsically a part of their entire lives .. lose focus easily as we jump from shiny bauble to the next, since we can literally get whatever we want in real time. So it was fun to make a comment on modern life, involve a TG element AND show off some lovely tits as well.
Back in 1995, I was logging onto the Carnegie Mellon FTP site to find (hopefully!) a new TG story or two posted to its servers. It could take 15 minutes to download ONE jpg to even see if it was what it was supposed to be.

Should we long for the old days? Hell no! As someone that is probably ADHD but not diagnosed, this is a godsend for me! Maybe someday soon, they can beam everything straight into our eyelids so we don't even have to open them! When I die, I hope the afterlife is like the internet, where I can just float around and learn things and replay my life with different choices and see where they lead, like some sort of "choose your own adventure" story. That would be heaven to me!

Even as a kid, I loved Rizzo much more than Sanrda Dee! If you said that I could go back in time and meet/date /fuck whoever in the past, I would have Julie Newmar, Stockard Channing, and Cyd Charisse on my list. There are others too but that might be my top 3. Throw Mae West in there too!

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  1. Cute cap.
    I wouldn't want to go back to the "good old days" either though I still have my first PC in the attick. Monochroom amber colored screen and 5 1/4 inch floppy disc. I didn't even have internet back then.