Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hurricane Mentia .. PLEASE BE SAFE OUT THERE!

My thoughts to anyone that was or will be in the path of Hurricane Matthew.

Lots of nervous energy here as I have a few loved ones that are currently in the worst case scenario path of Hurricane Matthew. They've been evacuated I will keep in touch with them as best I can as they ride it out. Even Disney World closed today at 5 PM and will stay closed all of Friday.

I know that many people on the Haven, and most likely readers here, are awaiting the storm to arrive tonight and through Friday into Saturday morning. I hope you don't mind this bit of levity I created, and hope you don't think I'm taking hurricanes lightly. My family lost their house in the hurricane of 1938, and their business in 1954. In my youth, I can remember boarding up our house and being evacuated to higher ground at least 4 times before I turned 12. It is the scariest feeling in the world not knowing if there will be anything left there when you come back to evaluate the damage.

Please do enjoy my caption for today though. It's my sort of hurricane .. busty instead of gusty!

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  1. The Storm chasers well have to swap their the Armour plated vans for pink soft top cars.
    And much better laying in the sun in a bikini than running about in the rain.