Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Dick in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush! So Weird!

It's all fun and games until someone puts their eye out with that thing!

I cannot wait for this week to end and it's only day two! Arrgghh!! Anyway, here is a caption I made for no one, as it isn't what you would call a traditional TG trading caption. It's definitely TG, but I am not sure why anyone would want this to be made for them unless they are a genetic girl that would like to grow a penis. So, other than Rachel herself, I didn't have a target like Bren anymore.

Also, there are quite a few stories out there on Fictionmania that deal with a board game that does this same thing with other players, so I made it more to keep my writing chops up. It almost was the caption for the DIY Challenge reveal on Sunday, but I really liked the caption for Joanna (and for Kaaren too!) and wanted to get it out quickly, on what is usually the highest trafficked day for the blog itself, so as many eyeballs would see it as possible.

So if you haven't seen that one yet, or commented, head there next and say something! Then come back here and talk about which games would make for the best transformations! I'm always looking for ideas, and if you come up with a good one, perhaps it'll star you as the inspiration!


  1. "... "Oh-HELL! Tell Damien to get his ass... Er, wait! That'd be too weird!"

    "What'd be too weird, Jenny?"

    "I nhgh- need some huh- help getting this thih-hing under cunt...control, buh..."

    "Anything you need, Jenny! We're besties, right!?! Open the door and..."

    "Get in here, quick!"

    "He-heh-ho-my-gawd, Jenny! That's SO effin... A little, white hottie with a big, black cock! Wha'd ya want me to do, Babe?"

    "i ju... W-would you climb on and help me get this off!? I mean, help me get this thing off of me?!"

    "Oh HELL-YES! Lemme at it!" ..."

    Why are you concerned with who it's for or how "traditional" it is, Dee? Isn't the whole concept and practice of TG-Captioning anything BUT "traditional"?!

    I certainly appreciate this piece, Sweetie! And I can also appreciate the aspect of Tg-Capping that has some taking-on their female id at the beginning to be graced with some degree of F-M transformation in the context and body of the caption.

    Hard to choose which of the two game participants I'd rather be/become so... YEA!!! On this sexy, kinky piece of work, Dee!!! Keep up the keeping-up-&/or-wet!


    1. Thanks Elle! I meant traditional in that trade captioners usually want to be female at the end and pictured in the caption. This wouldn't really offer a sex change per say to the trader unless it was for Rachel, Bren, or another GG.

      I still enjoyed making it though and wanted to share it. Seems like its getting a good reception so far!

  2. i enjoyed this one. as you say not the usual fare but that's OK. i do see the rare f 2 m caption but one would think there would be a scene like m 2 f blogs. i can't say i looked for them so they maybe out there. Many of our captions have a forced or humiliation twist to them. so maybe that does not go with f 2 m mindset but that's just a guess on my part.
    ps best 20 bucks i spent. what can i get for another 50?

    1. Your name is so short that it often fits in well to captions because it's only 3 letters long .. and it gets you too keep coming back here!

      If we can find a Ned or Cy to visit, you might have some competition!

  3. Yeah, also here to say I really liked it. Well written, entirely in-keeping with TG-ness and a bit silly, what's not to love?

    And I used to love those board game stories on fictionmania that did this sort of thing, they were everywhere at one point, but I can't remember the dates at all. Ah, memories. Must've been when I was at University so around 1998? Anyway, yes, back on topic, love the cap and hope the week gets better for you!

    1. Many of those stories were fun too because there were all sorts of transformations, not just TG. There would be demon and animal morphs, weight, height, and/or personality traits switched and all sorts of kinky hookups too!

      As I mentioned above, I don't have a problem with this caption at all, just that it wouldn't really fit in with most people's trade preferences. Hell, I hope this conversation leads to newbies heading to Fictionmania to find the stories we are referring to. I know at least one was based of Jumanji.

  4. It might not be in the normal vein of captions, but that's what makes it great! This caption was very fun!