Monday, July 4, 2016

This Year's Fourth of July Blockbuster TG Movie!

This was so much more fun to make than it should have been. Fireworks inside!

So, I was sitting here around 11 PM and thought, I really should make something for July 4th here on the blog, especially since I usually post on Sunday nights. I thought about the fireworks, cookouts, and huge action movies that are usually released on this weekend, and figured I would just do something over the top, and perhaps even 'MURICA inspired.

So I typed in USA sexy girl into Google and about 30 pictures in, I found this one. "That is a bad ass American Woman that could possibly be a superhero too." So I wasn't sure what to do with her, so I put her in a caption setting and just started writing. A former marine / cop is changed into a woman somehow and overcomes it to beat her enemy and hundreds of other collateral damage seemed to be what started coming out, and what the hell, it seemed like lots of 80's movies so I kept going, even including a reunion with the ex-wife now that he understands her needs a bit better.

I used Mendoza because of course, the Simpsons, and once I came up with the name Barbie Que (and in my head I'm thinking Mendoza's gang mistakenly calls her the spanish pronunciation, "Barbie K") I thought, that action hero name needs to have a flamethower! It just had to be .. and from there, I just started coming out with Arnold quotes left and right.

Not to step too far out of bounds, but this IS what America is all about. Everything in this caption just screams "America" to me. Good, bad, in between, tasteless, jingoistic, egotistical, and also ironic enough to embrace all those qualities without blinking an eye. Happy Independence Day Everyone!

And as is tradition, here is Linda Carter turning into Wonder Woman. Something I used to do as a kid, hoping that *I* would turn into her as well!

And we can't forget her cool ass powers. Make me tell the truth, Wonder Woman!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: So, what other pithy action movie pun quotes can you come up with for Barbie Que and her flamethrower?


  1. Love this caption Barbie q is a great super hero name. maybe she could have two side kicks Cinders and Ashley.

  2. Fun cap. If this would ever be filmed I vote for Jason Stratham as the before part, and Sarah Dumont as the after part.

    Love the name Barbie Que, and wonder if Dawn and I had subconsciously influenced it, thanks to the TG dictionary. Although, wielding a flame thrower, shouldn't her name be Barbie Cue instead of Barbie Que? I admit that the latter looks more kick ass.

  3. Dee has seen my version of the fourth amd I used an Apocalypse Now quote in mine. Given all the barbecues we might need a Michael Coltrane song.