Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Werewoman in the Light of Day? Aroused and in Heat!

What happens if the transformation isn't linked to the coming of the full moon?

Made this one for Werewomaniac, and I knew it would be for here when I first saw the picture when I was flipping through a bunch on Google. IT was such an odd juxtaposition where she's seems to have been beamed in from a sophisticated night club in New York into a lunch counter at some diner in rural Iowa. The jarring effect of her outfit and look which screamed NIGHTLIFE plopped into the next morning, with a side of home fries and toast. That made me think of April / Weremaniac and that it was something I could work with.

From there, I thought about what necessarily makes a werewoman and would it be the same rules as a werewolf, or was there a flexibility to it. I figured that she would have figured out most of her "curse" by the time the caption started, or at least what she thought she knew .. so then I could inject something unknown into it and see how she reacted. I really got into it, and I think it shows right there into the caption, because I was invested in finding out why it was happening too.

And no, I honestly have no idea what was doing it. I was thinking that possibly a demigod was the one controlling her, after somehow discovering her on a previous prowl. Maybe it was the "head" wereperson that had created all the others, including her, and was checking up on his/her protege / creation. Both worked for me so I didn't even flesh out anything else, as I figured it would work to my advantage if I DIDN'T know too much, so I could focus more on April's apprehension.

And that is something I would like to write better, if truth be told. She hasn't been around in quite some time, but Jennifer was SO GOOD at writing submissive characters, because she identified with them completely. She was also able to put YOU into that mindset when reading her work. I think that perhaps the closest I've ever felt to feeling like a former alpha male to sub girl was when I did a role play with her. It felt so weird to inhabit that place and I can see the allure to it .. in small doses.

Anyway, imbuing the recipients of the caption's wrath with a more in-the-know mind space is something I want to try to work harder on. It would be just that little extra SOMETHING that puts it over the top and makes people remember that caption for weeks afterward. I have a good idea that many people like to dress up in sissy frilly panties and why they do, as least on a superficial levcl. But I am sure it goes much deeper for those that do love it. Perhaps the way it feels on their butt, or how it rubs against their groin .. or that it is an excitement that someone might discover what they are wearing underneath and the possible humiliation that it might bring. It could be a tie to the past, where a relative did it as a punishment, and it turned into a fetish. Linking something deeper like that tends to raise the stakes in the caption plot as well. And perhaps, give you the reader, a tingling sensation that can bring forward a new kink you might not even have known existed!

Two parties down today (well I am probably at the 2nd one while this is being posted automatically) another possible one tomorrow, and one on Monday as well. I am getting to the point where I am craving to be anti-social again. Next week might be a trip to the GF's old neighborhood for a getaway, though with a visit to her ailing mother. Hopefully we can get a bunch of the GF's friends together and I can sit back and watch them interact and reminisce .. throwing out a pithy bon mot occasionally. That is much more my style of social appareances!

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