Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Booby Prize .. and the July 2016 DIY Challenge Results!

Do you ever REALLY win a contest at a Strip Club when you're male?

Flashback caption, though I'm not sure I've ever posted it here before. Goes back to June of 2011. Trying to get this posted tonight before the Lesnar / Hunt UFC Heavyweight Fight. Right now I am sort of missing what sounds like a good battle in the preliminaries. Without further ado, or comment, are all the entries into the July 2016 DIY Caption Challenge, which if you may remember, had to have referenced lines from "The Princess Bride". Got some good ones again this month!

First up is a caption from Brittany.

This one comes from Obsidian7, from the Haven.

Dawn gives us some swordplay in her caption submission.

A four-parter from Helena!

And a shorty caption from Helena to punctuate the end of the DIY Challenge!

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  1. A fun flash back caption. great Diy caption every one.