Thursday, July 7, 2016

Furniture Buying at the Haven Tide Shopping Complex!

All the best fiction stories are based on true life stories, of this I'm certain!

Well, sort of, but the mind always projects fantasies upon our real life situations. As per what I wrote in Jen DerBender's trading folder:
A recent situation in my own life (trying to find a new mattress!) made me think about how hard it is to make a decision that isn't life changing, but ties you down for the next X years of your life. "Really? We can't find ONE stupid color for the rug in the guest bedroom? It's a GUEST bedroom for goodness sakes!" 
I figure this just might be the best way to handle couples making a significant purchase.
The GF trusts my opinion and choice on cars, to the point where I've bought two cars for her, sight unseen by her until I've brought home the title. Any sort of furniture, I figure she can handle it just fine, as long as there is no pet hair on it when it comes to our house. Mattresses are definitely a different story, and we pretty much HAVE to agree or one of us is going to resent the other for the next 8 to 10 years .. if the relationship lasts that much longer due to a shitty mattress!

We've been working on this for over a month now and haven't quite narrowed it down an opinion that the only thing we've liked the same so far is a 2500 dollar mattress, which is "NO WAY IN HELL are we spending that much on a fucking mattress!" We also agree on that! Right now, the thinking is that I've found a mattress place online that has a good mattress for around 600 bucks, with a 120 day sleep on it money back guarantee, which is about the best I've found for online mattresses you can't try out because these things are never in showrooms. Wish us luck everyone! LOL

I know I haven't posted the June DIY Challenge results yet. Just haven't been motivated to download and plug them all into a post yet. Perhaps on Saturday, maybe?

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  1. As a reluctant shopper myself i can see how this might make things easier.
    the clothing bills might go through the roof thou. but can you ever have enough pink sequin hot pants?