Sunday, February 7, 2016

I'm WAY TOO Big to Fit in That, Sis!

Better make sure you are telling the truth, Bro!

Made this caption for Brittany7 on the Haven, who is also a long-time contributor to the DIY Challenges we run here at DoG. It is also her birthday today! What better gift to give someone on their birthday, than a nice pair of pink panties? Everyone needs pink panties, right?

And as I said in the trading area post containing this caption:
I'm pretty sure I got the ratio of potion correct, though perhaps I didn't compensate for the sugar. I guess we'll find out in a few if that will make a difference to the rest of your figure! Perhaps Diet Coke would've been better for a blossoming female form!
I liked making this because  even though the protagonist is going along with the dare, there is a line he doesn't want to cross(dress) and Dee and Sis just pretty much bulldoze right through it without a pause or care in the world. Besides, what if Peter likes 'Brianna' and wants another date? Perhaps the efficacy of the potion is too strong and he ends up with a little nub penis and big tits for longer than they planned. Or even worse, if it wears off BEFORE the end of the date? YIKES! Seems like a bit of the old "damned if you do, damned if you don't!" scenario many people like to read in a TG caption.

I am writing this up about an hour before the Superb Owl starts so I don't have to miss any of the action. Kind of apathetic to the game as I'm so used to the Pats being there! Also, all of a sudden we are looking at some sort of big snowstorm happening tomorrow that seems to have come out of the blue, where on Wednesday it seemed like a 1-3 inch storm, and as of 2 hours ago, we are looking at 8-12 or more inches of snow, spread out over 3 days or so. Yay? The main reason I'm not happy about it is that it is going to be snowing heavy from morning commute throughout the day into rush hour traffic, and that is the worst times for snow as it's hard to get cleared out when people are all driving at the same time. But we are hardy settlers and we shall survive!

Wow. Apparently there are no versions of the video available for viewing! At least we get the song!


  1. Very cute cap Dee.

    About your snow storm, you had your fill of it last year I believe. But being in the northeast I fully agree. It was a small amount on Friday, now we're talking about a big accumulation. Ugh!

    I guess I shouldn't complain. It's been a pretty easy winter thus far.

  2. love the caption. i think another scenario could be the Brianna might regret over estimating the size of his manhood if sis and Dee mixed the potion to what he claimed then maybe he might end up with a hole instead of a nub?