Sunday, January 17, 2016

Housekeepers Aren't Born, They're Caught, Then Maid!

.. and a Spicy DIY Challenge for January too? What more could you ask for?

I had owed another caption for Lacy, and I really loved this picture. Looking at it again, I'm guessing it was a posed set taken in a hotel, as most people would NOT have a beige rug in their kitchen .. and this seems to be more of a kitchenette.

Anyway, it was a good enough kitchen to work in the caption I had in mind to go with the set, which was the cross-dressing husband gets caught and tries to bluff his way out of it somehow .. which of course gets him buried even deeper. I've done captions with this theme before, as the latest I think was THIS one I posted back in the summer, as part of the bench series entitled, "She Seems to Have an .. Invisible Touch!"

So, it just invites a sitcom touch, doesn't it? It had to be light-hearted and playful. I mean, I cannot imagine making a caption where it ends with the guy getting thrown out of the house, divorced and broke living in a run-down apartment building in the ghetto, right? I might START a caption like that, but never would have that as a closing option.

A wife would just HAVE to know, whether through a lack of makeup skill, body type, voice, or some other little nuance that she'd pick up on. I sort of laugh when I read a story involving hiding the feminization from a wife .. like the lack of body hair isn't a dead giveaway, a loss of weight, or general grooming habits improving? That would set off their "Cheating" radar at the very least!

It is why, even though it strains credibility for the first few chapters, I still enjoy reading "Laid Off" by Jennifer White. Yeah, it goes way over the tip in the middle and end too, but without spoiling it too much for you, the wife at least has an inkling of what is happening as time goes on.

So, I hope that everyone reading this caption will enjoy it and have as much fun as I did when I wrote it. Not the absolute happiest ending ever, but one that works well for the story, and for the recipient.

Besides, being a maid is so much better than golfing, unless it's in a women's outfit and using their tee boxes too. Hmmm, sounds like another Jennifer White story, eh? One entitled, "Lost Balls".


Had a choice of a few photos that could be used for this month's DIY, but ultimately went with this one. I'll have a great one for March that involves April Fool's Day I think, but you'll have to wait for that one, which hopefully will be worth it!

Here is the caption setting, and for those who'd like to have as much room as necessary, here is the original picture.

The rules are as follows:

(1) All entries must be in by Sunday January 31st at midnight PST. You can email them to me, or submit them to my trading folder and designate them in the title as "DIY Redhead - Caption Name"

and (2) You must use the picture, and to make this challenge really spicy, you must include one of the following words, "cinnamon," "ginger," "cayenne," or "saffron". the easiest way to deal with that would be to name the protagonist one of those words.

If you are a newbie, you can certainly just write up your story and submit it to me via the "Latest DIY" tab underneath my banner. Hope we get a lot of submissions to start off 2016 with a bang!


  1. Nice cap Dee!!! Judging by his wife's reaction I'd say this was a win for him all around.....oh and a short black maids uniform over flouncy petticoats.....heaven!!!!

    1. So it's the petticoats that do it? Not the silk everything else? I had never really thought about petticoats or crinolines as a turn-on.

  2. I can only ditto sweet Kaaren. Heaven! What a dream come true for a sissy!

    Kiss kiss,


    1. How many maid's outfits do YOU have Leeanne?

  3. I must point out Sundays are open for hire....