It was a dark and stormy night. Or was it? I cannot recall it honestly.

Anyway, a voice said to me, "Dee? Sweetie Pie? Shouldn't you enslave the men of this world into the divine pleasures of femininity?"

That was awhile ago, and sure enough, it began to happen .. on Rachel's Haven. Then I started up this crappy blog in 2010. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

She Seems to Have an .. Invisible Touch!

Welcome to the next in a series I call, "women on park benches!" Plus musical transformation inside!

I swear I've made at least 6 of them this year!

I am hoping that this caption presents readers with an enigma .. like what exactly is happening here. Your guess is what I'm looking for, as I had something in mind, but I deliberately kept it vague so the various readers can color in the lines a bit.

So far, we've gotten a response from Brittany:
Why can't Reggie have an invisible friend who is a vampire? After all Jimmy Stewart befriended a giant rabbit.
And of course, Karen Sue (the caption was made for her) figured:
Hey, who are these guys in the white coats and why do they keep insisting they can take me to a very comfortable room?
 Two very good "hot takes" on what the caption is about. I was to see observations from other people on what is actually happening here. I hope everyone will comment below with their interpretations as to what REALLY is going on with the caption!

In a few days, I will post my thoughts as to when I was creating it, and what *I* think is the real story. Of course, the best part about this caption is it doesn't particularly matter what I think is happening, as no matter how clear I can make something seem, there can be other readings as to what is happening in the plot.

Speaking of a transformation from man to woman. Watch this video. Technically all someone did was take the original recording"Imaginary Lovers" by Atlanta Rhythm Section and raise the pitch up two semi-tones. Somehow the lead singer Ronnie, sounds exactly like Stevie Nicks!


  1. I see this as 'the voice' in Reggie's head. It's the voice that says he looks feminine whenever he looks in the mirror. It's the voice that says he should be chatting and giggling with the girls instead of being one of the guys. It's the voice that says the purple stockings in the dollar store would both feel good and look fabulous. Instead of giving into the voice, Reggie simply disembodied it and made it a 'friend'... that way the feelings and desires are suggestions and not his own internal longings.

    1. Like that interpretation a lot! I did have a thought that there was a personality split / psychotic break involved when I was creating it. Didn't factor in too much in the final thoughts though. Tune in next week when I'll go over it a bit more in detail!

  2. Police are still trying to trace the source of the Ecstasy that was distributed at an underground Rave last night. Reports have been surfacing all over town of strange reactions to the drug which is believed to have been mixed with LSD. Some recipients have been found crawling around naked barking like dogs among other phenomena. If anyone you know is acting stranger than normal and you suspect might have been exposed please call the police hotline.

    1. Another great story expansion! Kinda wish I had thought of this one. If I went this route though, or with a hypnosis show path, I probably would've alluded to it a bit more. Some sort of, "You haven't been the same since we went out last night" banter between the two.

      Seeing yours and Cailtyn's, my scenario seems much more mundane!

  3. The voice of Geddy Lee had woken the evil vampire sect, Geddy knew what had to be done summoning all his powers he struck the magic bass rift destroying the fiends or so he thought.
    weakened Drucella fled over the boarder . While her powers recovered she went shopping and got this gorgeous outfit. only used to the long Canadian nights she realized it was becoming day light she had to think fast and so hopped into Reggie s body to hide but not wanting to lose the new clothes she controlled Reggie s mind and he donned the out fit. for now she waits but she has just seen the bass maestros battle bike approaching.....
    I think i am fairly close with this reading of your caption ?

    1. So so ... SO CLOSE! Just a smidgen off I think. Details will be revealed in a few days!

  4. I'm not sure what my take on this one is. I enjoyed everyone's explanations and continuations though. Especially Dawns with the new strain of LSD. Lol! Maybe Harvey the Rabbit became Jessica Rabbit instead. And was Starr from "The Lost Boys" from Canada? Or was Davids name supposed to be Moon Beam. Lol! Either way, great cap Dee, it was also a great conversation starter.

    xoxoxo Katie Mills

    1. I agree. People have been much more creative at it than I was when i made it!

      I know that it has inspired some conversation here, in the sense of, "Could anyone actually predict what Dee's thought process was in making this caption?"So far, everyone is giving me far too much credit since all their thoughts exceed what I did!