Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dee Mentia has been benched!

for the first four captions of the season! Dee-tails (and MANY captions) inside!

Luckily for all the followers of this blog, Dee was able to overturn Judge Leeanne on a technicality ..

So I am able to post until the ball that Leeanne is on deflates. Well, since she really likes that position, she is sure to keep it inflated, soooo, I ended up with community service .. hence this caption to hopefully make up for all the wrongs I've committed over the last however many months ..

Apparently more than a year ago! Well, that wasn't a specific caption about a bench. Besides, this one below was posted back in 2010!

And this one was posted in September of 2013.

Where it all really started was with an Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday!

Then it kicked into gear in the middle of May 2015, with the caption for Kaaren.

It was around this time that I think we found a pattern of criminal captioning with one for Hailey.

It was time to turn this into a serial captioning crime against humanity!

Once we hit Leeanne though, it started to become a "meta" sensation, and notoriety was in full force!

.. and you can't do one of Leeanne without (yet another!) caption for Kaaren!

Then it was all quite for about a month. Then Dee struck back again .. this time to Simone!

Then one month after that, Dee tried to subtlety sneak one in without people noticing too much.

And now, we are here at the present with the caption that MAY just end all the benches.

The one that was posted up top. I come before you today, to plead guilty to having a hell of a lot of fun putting people on benches and changing them. I bet there has to be quite a few that I missed between 2010 and when I really started looking for them. Maybe you can find a few more on here. Bceause of this, I am going to start a new "label" for "bench" that can be searched in case you wish to, in the future, relive those heady days of Summer 2015, where all the world was perched on a bench for one brief, shining moment .. back before President Trump and Vice President Kardashian brought about an everlasting peace for all the world to behold.

If you find any on the blog, be sure to comment in the comment section of the posting, and I'll find it and flag it as a "bench" caption. Hope you also enjoyed the flashback of fun had by me, and hopefully the recipients as well.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Which one(s) was your favorite? Any of them fall flat to you? Did you prefer the "real" ones, or more of the "meta" style of caption where everyone was "in: on the jokes so to speak?


  1. I've discussed it with my wife and we're going to install a park bench in the back yard! She's a little skeptical but I've told her that we will frequently find magically and chemically transformed men along with an assortment of sissies waiting there!!!!
    I loved being the subject of those caps and I love Leeanne's cap too but if I had a vote I'd vote for the one you made for Simone! I love the idea of transforming her friends too!!!!
    All in all, and I know this is not helpful, I loved them all!!!! You are the absolute Supreme Mistress of the Park Bench!!!!

    And that picture of Leeanne!!!! Oh my god!!!!!

    1. Well, I thank you for liking them all. I am a fan of them all as well since they are pretty original TG caption takes .. and don't fall into something that has been done many times before.

      Which picture of Leeanne? The one of her bent over a ball? Yeah, I have cameras everywhere. I think the part where he is "fluffing" Leeanne by swatting gently is what makes it!

    2. I love that ball! So what! It makes me feel more limber and flexible. And your friend? I kinda like the balls he's slapping my face with too.

      Thanks for the referral.



  2. Tres amuse!

    We've got a bench out in our garden too, I am sad to report a lack of magical properties pertaining to said bench. But, and let us never forget this, 'bench' is a fun word to say.

    1. Not as fun to say as Shish Kebob, but close!

      PS. You have to check out some of the other posts from within the last month or two. I made some sort of Pet Shop Boys reference and you weren't around to appreciate it!