Thursday, September 10, 2015

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew!

Don't bring the weak sauce to me! A two panel caption awaits you inside!

Writing this one up early, as real football (American style!) starts tonight when my beloved by everyone New England Patriots battle against the evil from Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Hopefully we'll play well and make the league wish they'd never pissed off Tom Brady, but there is thunder and lightning happening in the area, so that might slow down the Pats a bit. Either way, football is back!

Anyway, I made this for aashen, who apparently I had never made a caption for on the Haven. That is one of the great things about the New Year's resolution I made to try to caption people I hadn't in awhile ., in that I find that sometimes a person falls between the cracks on my viewfinder .. to mix metaphors like a boss! I went into her folders to see what sort of models she liked .. better off letting what I wrote in the post explain it better:
Went into your photo suggestion folder and found something I wanted to use since it gave me an idea .. which I put into a caption setting. Went into your preferences and found they were almost opposite of the way I wanted to go, of a girl who used to be a guy (of course) and was in massive denial about it. Then I thought, well there are more pictures in that directory, can I find another where she is dressed more femme and sexy? Of course there was, so why not make it into a two parter where she loses the bet? 
The weird part was, I still couldn't make her weak, submissive and bimboish. The fun part though was that I could still make her VERY female while still using some of the more masculine things she'd been projecting before. This time they would project her as assertive, sexually demanding yet playful. 
It also helped that there was an obvious connection between the two friends that carried over into the new version of their relationship. 
Hope you enjoy it even though it isn't quite what you preferences are per se. Sometimes the stories get away from you and they seem all the better for it.
I posted it on the fourth of September and it hasn't gotten any comments yet on the Haven, including from Dani, even though she has visited the Haven since then. I know I don't always see captions in my folder so I'm holding out hope that she does like the caption even though I wasn't quite true to her preferences as best I could have. As I mentioned about, sometimes stories tell you something different than what you want them to do, and that is my only excuse.

Who doesn't love their music nice, plump and juicy?!?

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  1. Love the captions. she must have had a really good spots bra.