Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Turning Me Into a Woman Does NOT Constitute an Emergency On My Part!

That's one way to get your work done!

Made this one as a general caption, as it has qualities that link itself up with a recent post, Being Comfortable In Your Own Shoes, so I didn't want to give it to someone when I feel it is more of a remix of that previous caption.

Sorry I didn't have a funny April Fools' based caption. I didn't have that good a day, and I'll probably talk about it in another post, as the situation is not unlike what some transgendered people go through, so I can elaborate another time. I am fine, so please don't worry about me. Its more of a troubling situation for someone close to me. If you'd like some April Fools' fun, head to Caitlyn's website, which has a link in the left column, or head to Google Maps, where you can pull up your local area and play pac-man in your town!

I'll have the DIY results maybe tomorrow or towards the end of the week. I only have to build one this time around, and I since I haven't read the submissions yet. I might take a quick stab at it myself. If anyone has a last minute idea for one, have it in my email or in my Haven Trading Folder by 4 PM EST on Thursday!

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  1. To get that body AND a promotion? That's a win-win deal right there! Thank you for sharing!