Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Being Comfortable in Your Own Shoes ...

.. Even when you've lost a few sizes to them!

Wasn't planning on posting tonight, but I saw a caption that KarenSue made me almost 2 weeks ago that I missed in my folder.I felt bad for not seeing it, even though it was around when life got hectic so I went looking for some pictures, figuring I could possibly be motivated to make something, even if it wasn't for her. The positive thing about this was that while looking through an online folder I viewed a few days ago and found nothing interesting then .. this time something clicked with this photograph .. a former man kicking off his shoes after a day at the office and checking her cell phone for messages. Was she tired from the actual day at work, or tired of being in the female body?

With that in mind, I opened up Photoshop and set it up in a caption setting. there seemed to be a good amount of space to work within the picture, so that was a bonus. I knew the message she was hoping to find was that she had learned her lesson in being a woman and would be allowed to change back. As I started writing though, it looked to me like she was doing perfectly fine in her new body, and was still self-assured in her career, so I turned it into a face chat between her and her ex instead.

I liked the way it turned out, as I think they both learned a lesson, though his lesson might be that he shouldn't say anything bad about someone who can change him back into his old body. Maybe he even learned that he will be fine no matter what sex he is, which can be very comforting.

A lesson that I learned? ABS systems are horrid! I thought that I was having brake issues with all the snow and ice, but apparently its the car trying to drive itself for me when all it's doing is messing me up! I could use some new tires but if this car is going to "act up" on me like this, I'm not sure I want to keep driving it. There is a possibility that it could be something related to the axle, but I'd have to get it replaced to see if that actually was the problem. ARRGGHH! Starting to think I was better off sticking with cars made in the 90's and I hate to think I'm becoming a Luddite!


  1. I enjoyed this one and makes a change from having the superior woman winning out.
    Abs should only kick in when the wheels lock. driving it in snow and ice does make it kick in more because the wheels well lock more often.and it can be disconcerting but i would wait and see how it goes in normal conditions before you spend any cash on it.( if you ever get no snow after all this time )

  2. The picture was perfect for the caption, and I'm with Ian about enjoying the winner in this one. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for viewing the caption and WELCOME to my blog! So glad you could drop in and comment!

  3. It seems Ian said it all, not just about the cap, but about the ABS as well.