Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I Hope All Our Wishes Come True .. 800th post!

Another nice round number!

Made this about a week ago when I realized that I was close to 800 posts. I had this set of pictures to go along with it that I saved when I was about to hit 700 posts and knew it would work for a blog exclusive sort of thing. I don't want to keep harping on it, but it's the camaraderie, the visitors and the comments that keep me going, and otherwise I'd just be talking to myself, which I probably do too much of already!

Hospital fucked up .. no big shock .. so I wasn't able to see a doctor nor work today, but hopefully we got it all set where at least I'm SEE a doctor tomorrow and I'm hoping that would include an MRI. Work is being very accepting, but there are so many weekly things I need to do, and some of them involving me being "on site" to get them done, and I'm afraid due to the amount of swelling still around, that they'll tell me I can't drive or walk or anything. Stupid body giving out on me! I need my minions to start working overtime and develop that bio-mechanical fembot suit as quickly as possible, though perhaps I've said too much! See you in a day or two.


  1. Congrats on another milestone Dee! Sorry to hear that you're having to go through so much pain!
    I also look forward to the comments on my silly little blogs even if it's only one person to say they liked what I had done...like you said "otherwise I'd just be talking to myself"!
    So keep on doing what you do...I for one enjoy them even if I don't always say so!


  2. Dear Dee,

    Congratulations sweetie! You know I love your blog. You create such unique captions that I must keep coming back to see what else you have managed to conjure up inside that pretty little head of yours. I love the blonde! And I agree - a number is just a number. However, it does represent something. One (the loneliest number), that people keep returning to read what you post, a sure sign that you are posting quality stuff. Two (I know. It can be as bad one), that you are enjoying what you do enough to continue working to create your content. Three (a very cold night in requiring three dogs to keep warm), you are amazing! So congrats!!!!

    A special big sissy kiss for you,


    P.S. Feel better soon.

  3. Dee,

    I hope you get the best possible care and that your knee is soon up to all you require of it with no pain... or at least as little pain as possible. Your knee is one of those joints that you don't want to mess around with. Take your doctors orders to heart and give it as much rest as he prescribes. A little slip up to "just get this one thing done" can add days or even weeks to your overall recovery.

    Yes, it's just a number but here at your blog every number is worth celebrating. Every single post, every single page view, every single follower, every single comment. They all draw us in and make us feel special. There are many blogs that I visit on a regular basis to see what that blogger is up to, but this is the one and only blog that I come to and see what the community as a whole is up to. If this blogging world was a real community, your blog would be the general store. We all gather up and play checkers on the front porch just so we can stay in touch and see whats going on.

    So celebrate 800 posts. Celebrate 400 followers. Celebrate 759,487 page views... celebrate anything and everything you want. We'll all join in with a communal 'Huzzah!'

  4. Thanks for all the great captions and posts.
    Do hope you get back to full health soon.

  5. Congratulations! Well, I don't have anything to add to what is said above, so a toast to what you achieved so far, and a toast to what you will create in the future.

  6. Calvin put it better than I ever could, so I'll simply echo that communal 'huzzah' and try to celebrate by popping by properly more often and leaving comments as is deserved! Well, okay, maybe not that many, but at least enough to remind me I need to!

    800 posts is a phenomenal achievement and may help balance the knee issues. Best wishes and get well soon!

  7. Congratulations
    it is always a great read