Sunday, April 19, 2015

Don't Shoot Your Mouth Off ,,

... before you know the whole story!

Made this one a few months ago for Kamil, and then promptly forgot about it! Whoops! I used a sort of perspective I don't often do, where I am not showing the person being changed, but the positioning of the camera gives the idea that she is now looking up at her big sister literally now as well as figuratively. I think most people can figure out what the new Kamil will look like by associating her as a younger version of sis.

It is pretty straightforward, and that is by design. Kamil is from Poland I believe, and speaks English as a second language, so I didn't want to get into elaborate wordplay or some sort of American pop culture reference she might not understand. In this case, I think it makes the caption better, because I boiled it down to it essence, while still not giving away all its secrets until the ending.

I am still hurting big time with the knee issue, and contemplating heading to the ER if it doesn't get better soon. It feels like burning lava inside if I try to bend it more than a slight angle, and it feels like its locked in a straight position. I wonder if I fucked up the cartilage or tore some sort of ligament, though when I've done that before, it just makes the knee unstable. This time, it is incredibly tight, and the metal knee brace only keeps it steady enough so I don't fall over when walking.  Iguess no heels for me in the near future, that is for certain!


  1. I just love it!!! Back to Kindergarten as a girl!!!! Where do I find this Warlock!!!!

  2. I think the language barrier may have aided you in the use of the image as the zinger, if that makes any sense. I do have something of a soft-spot for POV captions and this is a very clever use of the idea, well, it's a good image and a well-balanced story and idea to go with it.

    Sorry to hear that the knee is still bad. You have my sympathies, as much as they are worth.


  3. Fun cap.
    I wouldn't have given a cap like this a second thought in the past, but thanks to Felicia I started to like them as well. The difference is that I view it from the perspective of the big sister.