Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring Forward or You'll Fall Back! Don't be Tar-dy!

She's late! She's late for an important date!

Made this one for Tar, and I hope he'll like it, as I touched a few of his preferences, though I'm not sure if I hit enough of them. I liked the picture and the story pretty much came to me when I was viewing it, where I saw a guy getting dressed in a female body suit in the locker room. No one else is there, so I figured that he was late .. and what had the most potential for making people late? Something that happened this last Saturday night / early Sunday morning for many countries of the world! If it doesn't change automatically, then you have to reset microwaves, alarm clocks, car stereos, etc...Poor Tristan is just unlucky I guess that he's isn't good with technology!

I think it hit 50 degrees Fahrenheit today which is 10 degrees Celsius according to Google. Good times! I even wore my spring hoodie to work instead of my winter hoodie! A few more days like this (not happening yet!) and much of the snow might be gone. I never thought I'd say this, but even with all my allergies, I miss seeing green grass!


  1. A good thing employers aren't allowed to punish their employees this way, but if they were without the personality change, I just might like to slip up from time to time.
    And daylight savings time? I'm not fond of it either. Every year I find it harder to adjust to it. I already work in shifts and have to adjust from a morning to a evening shift and vice versa. I'm glad I don't need to work the nightshift anymore, that made it even worse. Working in shifts give you all of the downsides and none of the benefits of daylight savings time.
    I'm usually not violent, nor vindictive, but I would love to be in charge of the sleeping habits of the proponents of daylight saving time. Just a week. They will enjoy sleep deprivation to the fullest if they let me. They do it to me twice a year. Sorry for my rant, but what used to be two days to get back into rythem already became two weeks or longer.

    I hope for you the snow will melt soon, and that precautions were taken to ensure the melting water can get away.

    Ramones: Such great memories about them, seeing them live.

    1. I used to hate working overnights when DST ended, since I ended up having to work an extra hour for free when the clocks were turned back!

      Many places are overturning it now. I'd like to see the just KEEP daylight savings time year round so we get light more at night than in the morning. There are many more people awake at 6 PM than 6 AM.

    2. Well, whatever they do, I hope they stick to one time. At least then I can try to adjust to it.
      DST starts over here in the last weekend of March, So I still have a few days to try to cope in advance.

  2. I agree with Helena, although I quite enjoyed the personality traits as well. Very sexy pic and cap Dee, I really enjoyed this one. :)

    xoxoxo Katie Mills

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, but I think I had you even if there wasn't a story involved since you could've just made up your own to the picture! LOL