Saturday, November 8, 2014

Katie Mills .. Not Large .. But Still in Charge!

Still the CEO and no one can take that away from her!

Made this one for Katie Mills of Sugar and Spice fame. She likes pantyhose, probably even more than I do, so when I see a picture like this one, I take note and see if I can fashion up something she'll enjoy reading.

To me, this was a cross between Steve Jobs and Cher from Clueless. I mean, what would've happened if Jobs hadn't died from his cancer, but the stem cell research gave him a second chance, though he'd have to do it in the body of a teenage girl? Maybe the technology isn't quite there yet and though he's got the mind of a older guy in his late 50's, there is still the hormones, mindset, etc .. of having a young female body that need to be considered. This Katie would never have given U2 100 million dollars to force a CD onto everyone's iPhone! Maybe Ariane Grande or Bruno Mars, but not some old washed up geezers like U2!

Anyway, I had the idea and ran with it, hoping to create a juxtaposition between her title and who she was personally. I'm sure she'd LOVE to sell, cash out and live a new life unburdened by the running of a huge corporation, but she is at least thinking about the shareholders, which makes her a bit like Elle from Legally Blonde. Wow, all these 90's girly movies being referenced all at once!

If you haven't had a chance yet, please check out the last post, involving Dr Mentia's Therapy. I'm quite proud of it, and I think everyone will not only like it, but possibly want to answer some discussion questions, right?


  1. I LOVE all your wider pop culture refernces. How do you manage to find so many.
    It is an interesting conundrum, isn't it. The chance of a whole new life ahead of her (or him) yet the ability to make the changes that the shareholders, or the people like her love. Of course, I hardly reckon anyof us could deny the call of expressing our new life, and well, dance is the way to it. Love the cap

    1. Well, i think it wouldn't work for just about any other company other than Apple. If they were able to keep Steve Jobs alive in a new body, most people would've bent over backwards to make it happen.

      Perhaps she wouldn't have voted for a iPhone 6+ on the fact that it would take her TWO hands to hold it! And much more "selfie" apps too!

  2. The bible says you should not use those homo nym things. Like things aren't supposed to be together. What if the snake had given Eve a pair instead of an apple. Then it would have been Adam and Steve. You just can not mix up your fruits like that.

    1. And what is up with antibiotics?!? They sound so negative. We should be pushing probiotics (which ARE good for you!) If you mix them together, do you get neutralbiotics?

      My head is too clogged. Better go get some prohistimines!

  3. Lol! A lot like antimatter, except that is dangerous and doubly so if swallowed considering our bodies are made of matter.

    I love this cap Dee, thank you so much. Its pop humor and sex appeal are a perfect marriage for this picture.

    xoxoxo Katie