Sunday, November 9, 2014

Does Your Elevator Stop at Every Floor? .. and a new DIY Challenge!

.. and I didn't even make ONE "Going Down" reference in the caption!

Made this one for Shauna Marie the other day, as I hadn't made a MILF caption in quite some time. I think it was fairly straightforward, which is a nice change of pace from the Therapy one I posted the other day. Pretty much saw the source photo and said, "Please, push MY buttons baby!" and that guided me the rest of the way towards completion.

Hopefully this DIY Challenge picture and setting will do the same thing for you!

I was so drawn to it when I saw it, almost like moths to a flame, or something! Anyway, the deadline is Sunday, November 23rd at Midnight PST. I'd try to stick with 150 words or less, and if it is dialog driven, keep it under 80 or so, especially if there is a lot of back and forth. Hope we'll get lots of entries! If you need the original, let me know and I'll try to post it or email it to you. Remember, you can post your submission to the LATEST DIY section underneath the banner, or send it to me via PM on the Haven. If you've made your own, either post it to your blog, or you can post it to my trading folder with a DIY label so I know its not a trading caption!

Or perhaps you'd like to be more introspective in your 80's musical experience?

Of course! You want to rock out with the lights out!

No matter what, we've got you covered!


  1. I really like the DIY caption picture and I already have an idea formulated. Hopefully I will get to submit this time