Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sissy Sara is Peachy Keen!

A fully pose-able life-size action Jay!

Made this for Sarine Davis (aka Belladonna on FM) since I hadn't created one for her since June I believe. We all have our regulars we like to caption for, and she's close to the top of the list. She likes many of the same things that I do in the TG context (hypnosis, compulsions, pantyhose) and her preferences are flexible enough that I can approach captions made for her in a wide swath of possibilities, including straight up cross-dressing. I think reasons like that are why she's pretty popular in the trading area, and on top of that, she consistently comments on others work!

This caption is good for those who like "details" in their captions. I'm not a fan of describing the clothing changes, etc .. but am trying to take a page from Simone's book in that describing how those changes "feel" to the recipient. Its one thing to say, "So-and-so grew boobs," and another to say, "So-and-so felt his newly formed cleavage rise with each nervous inhale, trying to keep himself from hyperventilating with fear at what other changes were on tap for his rapidly evolving body. It was a pleasant rocking motion, gently calming him like a baby would be, nestled against his own bosom .. until those formerly foreign thoughts stirred him to rebel against .." I know which one I would rather read in caption form.

Along with expanding the "feelings" part, I wanted it to feel a bit like what a hypnotist would tell a subject that was in trance. Maybe this was a way of reinforcing the programming while Sara's conscious mind was in control, or perhaps inducing some sort of humiliation / embarrassment triggers.

The deadline for the DIY Challenge is only a few days away! I think we have four entries so far, so if you haven't written one up yet, get to it!


  1. Where can I be introduced to this so-called evil genius?

  2. Hypnosis is a favourite theme of mine I guess because it seams plausible,