Monday, October 13, 2014

Just 93 Million Synapses Left to Fix!

 .. and then she'll be good to go!

Made this one for Terri a few days ago, as another one of those, "You comment on so many captions, I just had to make you another one." type jags I get on. Its a bit of an incentive for people to comment, and I like to engage people as best I can, and hopefully get them even more into our little subculture.

I had the idea when I saw the number, figuring that was a perfect one for my idea of regressing someone. If you graduated in 1993, they you were either born in 1971 or so (for college) or 1975 (for high school) so that made Terri go from Age 39-43 down to 21 (born in 1993) to under 18. Seems like a simple way to chop at least half your life away!

The main problem I had was finding a male pop star that was born in 1993! Ariana Grande was born in that year, but why would a girl wear HER birth year? Biebs was born in 1994, and most of the other guys are either older or younger. Luckily I found someone from One Direction born that year, so I went with him. Since I don't follow boy bands, I haven't the foggiest if he's the "bad boy" or the "cute one" or the "smart one" or the "gay one".

Not only am I not following pop, its been infecting music I actually like now! There is a thing called Metalcore, or it could be called something else by now. Pretty much its take a metal band, with heavy guitars and blast drumbeats, and alternate between grunting voice and clean vocals from a boy band. I guess it is trying to appeal to young girls and guys who have yet to discover Slayer, Death, Meshuggah, Cannibal Corpse, or even a good hardcore band like Sick of It All or Hatebreed?

Linkin Park has done more harm than they'll ever know! To be honest, I like the One Direction song better, since it actually doesn't take itself so seriously. Hell, one of the guys is in drag for this video and does a good job! The metalcore band here seems like they want to be "artists". I'm quite good at deciphering lyrics, and during one breakdown, I swear the guy is saying, "I'm baking a potato!" Apparently I am not the only one in the comment section thinking that!


  1. Thats the issue...., they all are the gay one...

  2. its just money making muzak for the masses now.
    love the caption.

  3. Lovely cap. For me it is the icing on the cake when effort is made to make sure details are correct. It's something I like to do myself, if the story takes place in a certain time or place.

    Ah well, at least there is no obligation to listen to music you don't like, and maybe bands like Linkin Park show the right path to the good stuff.

  4. Like this! If I were turned into a girl, I would hope I still got to, remember being a guy! It would make it harder, and at the same time, more fun!