Saturday, August 16, 2014

Will Ron and Damien Take the SRU Challenge?

... or just end up all wet?!?

Made this one earlier today for RMP (Ron) who writes some of the tightest. most compact, TG captions you will ever see. I discovered her before I made captions, and when I did start making them .. I wanted them to have the same brevity that he used. I've tooted his horn before, so I won't go down that trail again, but just wanted to mention that I've been a fan of his work going back at least 8-9 years ago.

It was hard to ignore this topic with how much national press it has now gotten over the last few days, with people like Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake getting on board with it. It started here in New England a few weeks ago, and has just sky-rocketed with the amount of awareness it has created, and how much money it has raised. As I wrote in Ron's folder with this posting:
Yeah, I sort of gave it away in the title, but wanted to get attention to it. If you haven't done the ALS challenge yet, do so. Or better yet, just donate some money to a local ALS charity in your area. Do both in a bikini if you wish. Probably would be lots of fun! 
I know two people that have died of ALS, and I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. Everything that they were, still is, but its trapped inside a body that refuses to do what they want. 
Anyway, I hope people do enjoy it for what it is, and let is get this thing licked!
No need to rewrite it, as I can just cut and paste. Its an expensive disease too. The conversion van that one of my friends that was dealing with it had found a used one .. for 40k! A local church fundraiser put a big dent into the cost, and when he died, he left it to a local ALS chapter for them to use for transporting people that couldn't afford their own vehicle.

I can't tell you to do the challenge, as we are a very secretive bunch, as well we should be. I also can't tell you what charities to give to, as to be honest, many of them are completely deserving of all the money that people can give. Most ALS charities though are quite efficient with how their donations are handled, and if you do feel like sending them a Hamilton, they'll put it to good use!

As for the caption, I just had to use THE most prominent TG universe EVER! That and the requisite twist that accompanies that man in the bathrobe. Hope you enjoy!


  1. A great caption and a worthy cause.

  2. Indeed a great caption, and a worthy cause.