Thursday, August 14, 2014

Different Strokes... and 4 million views!

What a complete fucking rush!

I don't think I posted this one back when it was created for Debi (JPL) in June of 2011. Here's what I said when I originally posted it to her trading folder.
I had tried using this picture awhile back, but was honestly stumped. 
Since I owed you a few, I remembered I had marked something up before abandoning it, and this time, something came to me. It is whimsical at first, but then ummm, gets kinda dark.  
Hope you enjoy, and that no one (especially you) gets offended by this. It started out with an idea of "stop making that face or it'll freeze that way" and I sort of took it to its logical progression.
I'm glad most people thought it wasn't too dark. I mean, its just a hilarious face to make, and its obvious that the guy in the picture ISN-T in any sort of physical pain at all. I'm guessing it was one of those brazzer blooper photos they post from time to time, and those almost always work in a TG caption setting!


This snuck up on me, I admit. Last weekend. Dawn (commentator) hit 2 million and Kelly (sp2000) reached the big 6 million page views, and I was excited for them. I then wondered how close to the next milestone I was, so when I went to my stats page, I was shocked to see that I was about 20k from the magic number.

I think from now on, unless I severely slow down my output, I'll just celebrate the even numbers, so the next big one will be 5 million. At this pace, I could hit that around April of next year, but I'll put it conservatively around the end of June 2015. Hope to see each and every one of you then, with hopefully many more captions and discussions to rant and rave about! This is all about you the viewer!

I thank you for being here with me through the ups and down of life and the effort of those who help make this blog what it is today .. a joy and pleasure to maintain!


  1. Very impressive Dee! And not surprising either, as you consistently post great captions, which is why we all keep coming back to visit your site. Woo hoo! Go celebrate doing, well, I'd say Tom Brady, but he's already taken. But somebody!



  2. Congratulations on the big four oh and five more ohs. What no cake?

  3. Well done on the 4 million.
    loved the caption have to say I thought it was funny.

  4. Wow, 4 million views. That is impressive. Congratulations.
    Loved the cap as well.

  5. Thanks everyone! Now the steady march to 5 million begins!

  6. Great cap, Dee, and congratulations on the 4 million views!