Sunday, July 6, 2014

Do I Make Myself Clear? and a DIY Challenge!

Crystal is definitely clear!

Just posting a quickie I made the other night with a picture I liked enough to caption, but not enough to make it a trade caption, since the photo doesn't "STAR" the recipient. I hope Ian likes it enough .. I'm imagining he'll be looking like a chip off the old block soon enough!

Here is this week's DIY Challenge. Figured I would give the boob lovers something to latch on to, so to speak. Because I'm hoping some people that make captions will be interested, I am also going to post just the picture in case someone wants to place it in their own caption setting, or further manipulate it before submission. I think it's pretty open ended and much easier than the girl with the sailing ship on her head!

The deadline will be next Sunday at Midnight, Pacific Standard Time. If you have something written before I can change the Latest DIY posting, go for it! I plan on setting it up on Monday afternoon.

Its a shame that Gary Cherone ended up with the stink of being the last singer for Van Halen. He was so much better in Extreme (a Boston band!) and honestly, had the better guitarist! He'd actually make a much better replacement for Paul Stanley of Kiss if they ever decided to let him retire from singing. Scratch that, I'd much rather see him in Queen than Adam Lambert!


  1. Thanks Dee. I can remember my dad looking up from his cryptic crosswords to offer his sage advice. but don't think he was ever as direct as my ball grabbing caption dad. lol
    A band never seems quite the same after a line up change. except for Hawkwind. you are lucky if the same group come back on for the encore !

  2. Loving the caption, I do so love a good image with a bespectacled female looking stern. It almost doesn't matter what the words are so long as there are some words. And these words are very nicely done (of course).

    I wish I had some inspiration for the DIY cap. I shall mull it over and get back to you if anything occurs.

  3. LOL, the picture from caption focussus on the eyes of the girl, where the DIY picture does the opposite.
    Anyway, great cap!
    I hope I can get beyond Towel Day with this DIY, but I automatically zone in to that, with a picture like this :s