Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bachelorettes on the Prowl!

Well, you really wanted to know, right?

Made this one for Deb last week, and its based on sworn secret testimony from actual women that have been to actual bachelorette parties. Not quite as crude as the male version, though I've seen quite a few get really rowdy. Drunk girls in groups on the prowl can really dish it out. I have actually gotten the "can I have your underwear?" question once, and two of the girls chortled when I mentioned I don't wear any. Something about one of their friends settling down kicks the hormones in big time!

I think you can tell that it was a lot of fun to write. Pushing a former male into acts of femininity for which he has no real reference point is always a trope I like to dabble in .. and adding wine and chocolate to keep his male resistance down and his female libido up just makes it much more delicious. So many new things to process for Mike and he really doesn't stand a chance. They are going to give him an experience to never forget, and possibly never escape from!

What a great summer its been so far! That hurricane wrecked the actual 4th of July, but the weekend following it was absolutely wonderful, with moderate temperatures, no humidity and a steady breeze to make sleeping at night really comfortable. My daughter took me out to dinner for Father's Day (yeah, she had to work 11-11 on the actual day) and we watched fireworks right from our apartment driveway. On Sunday, the family celebrate the 4th with a cookout, and I had grilled stuffed mushrooms and later on, Soy based hot dogs so I didn't feel left out from all the carnivores. Now back to work and mostly everyone is on vacation so there is a nice mellow vibe there, even as those like me who are around picking up the slack.

Take a look at the last posting if you wish to work on the DIY Challenge. I forgot to update the "Latest DIY" section like I said I would, so perhaps by the time you read this, it'll be up there as well. Tomorrow I should start capping again after a few days off. See you again soon!


  1. Fun cap. I wonder If Mike wants to go back being a male, after a night at a bachelorette party.

    1. Well, he is stuck until the wedding, so there is a good chance he might grow to like it!