Thursday, June 19, 2014

What Happens in Vagueness ..

... Stays in Vagueness! A Hailey Pixley / Dee Mentia "one picture, two stories" production!

Had a bit of trouble coming up with a title for this one, so I went with a hopefully clever saying, playing off the "What happens in Vegas .." aspect that we really have no idea (yet) of why Hunter and Damien were abducted. Its pretty obvious that something is going on medically (and subliminally) to our two soon-to-be completely feminized heroines. Or ARE THEY?

The thought process for the caption was as follows.

Found the source photo and decided that Hailey should be one of the characters, and I would be the other. They were staring at what looked to be a window so to me it was obvious that they were captives, being feminized for some reason. Why? Well, it didn't really matter to me, I would let the reader figure out on their own if they really want to think about it. I could've carved all the speculation out of it, but I kind of liked that I kept it vague RIGHT in the caption .. I mean, if you were kidnapped with another person, how much of the conversation would have been, "who took us and why?!?" and the longer you are there, the more tenuous a grip on reality you would probably have, especially with a bunch of new feelings and sensations.

From there, I figured that if you've been ripped away from all human contact, save for one person that is in the situation as you, you'd either end up HATING them, or forming a strong bond .. and as they get softer and more woman like, they probably become more attractive to you, even if they still sort of possess a male part. For those who like some humiliation and/or embarrassment, I would think that this might be your favorite part of the story. How much of it is programming, and how much is something else AND the reminders of what you were and what you are becoming?

It can become very easy to try to over analyze this caption though, draining it of its essence to arouse or draw you in as a character. I hope it makes you wonder what actually happened beforehand and what happens the next morning and the next couple days after that. If it did, then I think I've done my job as a captioner.

Here is Hailey's version of the caption with the same picture. I have no idea what she did before I made mine, and she was left in the dark about what I had created as well. I am so glad that she just did what she always does, and didn't try to do anything outside her comfort zone, as this definitely has her sensibility. I love the humor that comes out underneath, and I am a huge fan of dialog that gives exposition without sounding like a radio commercial. Until Mom speaks, you don't have a full idea of what is happening, as she reveals (and resolves) the conflict. You can head to her blog site HERE for more information on her creation which should be up sometime Thursday night.

I was always good with math in school, yet was incredibly bad at SCIENCE!


  1. A lovely and fun job by both you and Hailey.
    It is always great to see what different cappers do with the same picture. That's probably why I like to participate in your DIY's myself.

    1. I always look forward to your submissions as you usually have quite a different viewpoint than I do, and that is what captions are all about .. being in a different mindset than we are used to.

      I hope you checked out Hailey's post as well.

  2. Ah, there is nothing I love better than good word play and it's even better when the cap fulfills the promise of the title.