Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Keep Your Glances on the Down Low!

Or the hems on your new dresses might be UP HIGH!

Life seems to be settling down a bit and I was able ot make a caption today! This one was made for Ridney, who I think is one of the most important people on the Haven because, in addition to BEING a trading captioner, she also comments on others work .. a lot! To me, that keeps everyone in the game, and motivated to continue making captions. We all get down now and again, and feedback is such a cure all. I'm hoping this will keep her smiling and involved with the Haven.

I had saved the picture about a week ago I think, and I loved the image but at that time had NO IDEA what to do with it but I knew it would come to me at some point. Sometimes, you can be on fire and in the zone and a bunch of other cliche phrases to describe how ON you are .. and when I saw this picture, I wasn't feeling anything in particular. I still made a few captions, but they seem to be a bit more labored than most of what I do, and those haven't seen the light of day yet here. Those might get re-done or polished, and sometimes they make good markers for when I announce future DIY challenge contests. In addition, those middling captions can make the good ones seem even better!

I know I sort of ruin the whole story with the large text (which could be considered a title) but realistically, its the way it had to end. Just thinking of it as a Simone or Caitlyn designed caption from a few years ago takes away any possible headache I have from the "spoiler" potential!

Anyway, I really like this one, and I like the caption I made yesterday. I'm holding off on it because Hailey and I might do a "Same picture, different story" posting within the next few days. The picture I used it very Hailey friendly I think, and asked if she would mind. She said, "Sure!" I'm not sure how different my caption will be from hers story wise, but my thought is it will be fun either way, to compare what drove us to write what we did, and how we made it come about. Things like this are truly what intrigues me about caption making in general. If someone else uses a picture in a caption that I have also used, I look at it and get to see another person's creative process and how they take what is in the photo and turn it into a story. Perhaps everyone out there will find it as fascinating as I hope it will be; and if other captioners are interested, I'd be happy to do it with them too!

The REAL stars of Purple Rain .. Morris Day and the Muthafuckin' Time!

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  1. Lovely cap.
    I hope for Karen she gets the voice of a nightingale to go with that looks. Peacocks sound horrible

    The large text didn't ruin anything for me, it feels right. Like you say, "but realistically, its the way it had to end."