Thursday, June 5, 2014

Seven Deadly Sins .. in One Little Curse!

Are they really that deadly?

I think this caption fell through the cracks when I made it a few years ago. i don't think it made the blog, so its a new one for most of the non-haven readers here! As Petra (who isn't around anymore) mentioned in the comments, she was pretty sure that Wrath wasn't represented, and it devolved into a discussion on the greatest works of William Shatner (KHAAAAAAANNNNNNN!) It was made for Slutty Chrissy, who hasn't been on the Haven since January of 2012.

I was looking back this afternoon to the first comment that Caitlyn Masked had posted to my blog back on September of 2010 for "We Might Need to Redefine What An 'Abduction" Is" since she has announced she's hanging up her captioning (and commenting) shoes. You can read about that on her blog, as in the last few postings spelling out just why she isn't going to be around anymore. I really wasn't shocked by the announcement, as his muse (Caitlyn) hadn't been around for some time now, and he really felt like he was going through the motions. From the first comments here, you can see why this announcement doesn't shock me (though it really does sting to read about it.)
I like 'forced' caps because while I enjoy this online fantasy, I have no real life desire to become a woman. So when I read a story or cap that starts with the premise of the subject wanting to be female, I can’t see that being me. But when I read a story/cap that involves a person changing without their wanting it…. well I can dive in and ‘become’ that subject. Even if the process isn’t something that I am in general interested in, I can be that person. They don’t have a choice. Or even better they have a choice but chose something they don’t want (feminization) to help someone else. 
By this point in time, he couldn't even dive in and become the subject anymore. Caitlyn was an escape for what was a rough period in his life, and when the improved, she ceased to be. In a way, I think that happened with Petra as well .. she left us when she got engaged to her now 2nd wife. (side note: they are both doing well .. at least since I've last heard from her around Christmas time. I hope to hear from her again around my birthday, though I'm not holding my breath.) Calvin was going through the motions, forcing himself to make things that didn't satisfy his creativity, mostly to hold on to friends, and pay off the trading debt he'd incurred. When your heart isn't in it, the activity you are doing suffers, at the very least to the person that is trying to keep it alive.

I said on her post from Monday:
You've always been too hard on yourself and I had gotten the feel that you didn't really have any challenges left in the TG captioning realm, and that is what you fed off of, that knack of doing something you hadn't done before. "Been there, done that, wore the maid's outfit and heels." was not on your agenda in the slightest.

If its not in you, why bother trying? I don't really want to add Calvin to the list of people I "used" to know, since I already placed Caitlyn on that roster quite a few months ago. Each name that gets added makes me feel even more like a relic.

I can totally make peace with the fact that you might not make anymore TG captions. Hell, you've carved out quite a legacy already, and if you feel like you are a 'Jeter'ing it now, then you have every right to stop. You've been true to yourself every step of the way since you found our little TG captioning niche a few years ago, and laid it out for your readers each and every time.
 I meant what I said, and was ready to let it go. However, something that was poking away at my brain was the second paragraph, and how looking back at her first comment here made it even more apparent in a way I really hadn't made a connection to when posting on Monday.

The others that posted comments on the "Abduction" caption were: Smitty, Alectra, Meridon, Caitlyn, and a few months after it was posted, Missy. 3 and a half years ago, and the only person that really posts anymore is Missy (Missy's Sissy Caps, which has only 6 captions posted in 2014.) I go into my archives for captions like the one up top, and my thoughts inevitably become, "so I wonder what they are up to now." They all had their moments in the sun, and rode off into the sunset.

Is being a longtime member of the TG community a blessing or a curse? As there have been some issues that popped up over the last few months in my life, I wondered about slowing down, or taking a sabbatical from posting, both here and on the Haven. I've prided myself on never having had a prolonged gap in new material, and I think perhaps 7 days was my longest gap in generating a new caption for public consumption. I worry that I wasn't connecting with newer captioners the way that I used to, and perhaps I was overstaying my welcome.

But, I kind of need this place and its community, even if I'm the crazy person wandering down the street mumbling under my breath about credenzas and how back in my day, people had to use Microsoft Paint in 10 inches of snow both ways on their way to school, AND WE LIKED IT! I survived when Jessica first left, then Steffie, Petra, Bren and Courtney and all the rest, now Cailtyn as well. So to all those out there wanting to start making TG captions. Get to it! Someday, a long time from now I hope, you'll have to fill these shiny, high heeled combat boots that I stole from Rachel! In the meantime, just call on me to be your friend, and perhaps I'll buy you a non-poisoned beer!


  1. Oh my friend, how is it we are here? We have seen people slip in and out of this world and and I have to say I've thought the same thing you have. At this point, is our longevity a good thing?

    I actually have enjoyed the creative side of things but I seeing Caitlyn/Calvin go hit me pretty hard. I wonder if people realize what has been lost with Caitlyn's absence. I will wish her well and hope the best but It's on less talented creative making quality work.

    1. Well, it hasn't helped that I've been watching Penny Dreadful lately, and Dorian Gray is one of the main characters. Just like in the book, he is a bored hedonist, always looking for a new challenge.

      I wonder if us being around for a long time makes us jaded? To me, that might be the biggest "crime" in Caitlyn leaving, in that she pushed envelopes in the design of captions, while giving the forced TG idea a refined sensuality that wasn't often around before she showed up.

      Its also why its good to have people like Jinny (Jezebel) around with her blissful enthusiasm in keeping the Haven vibrant. She's definitely a TG Captioning pixie!

    2. Dear Dee,

      I can accept Caitlyn's decision to stop captioning. And while I would, no doubt, extend a similar courtesy to you as well, please don't make me do that just yet. You each are important to me as you jointly welcomed me into your community and continue to treat me kindly despite my utter failure at breaking in as a captioner. I just don't want to part with you and your work in the midst of losing Caitlyn