Sunday, June 8, 2014

Is This Some Kind of Bust?

Why yes! It's very impressive!

I'll leave this one very short since I've written much in the last few posts, and they've been a "look, but don't comment!" sort of response. Tons of views, little to no comments. I can understand, as I mean BOOBIES! The other caption was latex, which used to be a big deal for latex fans when I posted, but I think they've all moved on, or hopefully started their own TG caption blogs! It also deals with the topic of Sissy Blowjobs, which you'd think would inspire some debate! So anyway, feel free to check out the last few posts if you missed them, especially the DIY one because its still gotten under 1k views (while Seven Deadly Sins is already around 3k while being the latest post!) and I think everyone did a wonderful job with a hard picture.

By the way, I made this caption with the understanding that the guy WAS innocent, and that as a gung-ho type of investigator, ruffled many feathers, and someone, plus the support of the rest of the police force, helped this legitimate business owner get him off his back, by putting him/her on her back! Who says there isn't justice in this world anymore?

I preferred Sting when he wasn't so pretentious and soft and jazzy!


  1. Just a poor busnessman trying to work with the law, well I guess now he is. I like it. >:)

  2. I think it would have been MORE fun if he were guilty. This i show he gets rid of his enemies - making them strippers for his shows!

    1. Well, I said he was innocent of the girls disappearing on the waterfront. Where he gets his strippers would be a whole other story!

  3. Lovely cap. I have to admit, If I should have written a story to this picture, It probably would have been a secretary cap.
    McQuade? Relative to J.J. McQuade, Texas Ranger?

    I've been busy lately, and well,... Whohoo, after decades of missing out on them, I finally got to see the Stranglers perform live. Touch choice by the way. I think it would have been great to see Mick and Keith on Pinkpop. After all, the Rolling Stones are one of the oldest bands still performing, and I never had the chance to see them live as well.