Friday, June 27, 2014

Lounging by the Pool .. For a Change!

Somebody I know must own a pool .. right?

Its Friday! Woooo! Regular weekend, birthday, then short work week and long weekend! I'm definitely looking forward to it all. Also going to see if I can pick up some games and such for my vintage Sega systems, namely the Sega Saturn and Sega Dreamcast. Almost have things all set up to be able to play things like Baku Baku, Nights Into Dreams, Panzer Dragoon and other classics!

Made this caption for Matt/Martina who doesn't like permanent changes. I hadn't made them a caption in FOUR years so I wanted to make them something good for neglecting them for so long. While glancing through some pictures online, I came across this one, and it was well suited for a text on photo caption. The idea of the whole tan-line came very quickly, and I thought it gave a bit of more than temporary feel, with a stitch of humiliation and humor too. It was also fun to write a character that would roll with the gender change and accept it, having an idea that it probably wouldn't be permanent, and even enjoying the situation for what it was.

IF we had REAL internet like we do now back in the 1980's, I would love to live there now!


  1. Been there - got the tan lines. Short and to the point.

    1. Must be really weird to see them the first time, although I'm sure it made you feel comfortable at the same time.

    2. It makes me wonder how many of us had a tan line experience. Mine weren't from a bikini, but from a top with spaghetti straps. fortunately during the holidays, and they were gone when I went back to school. I did have a hard time explaining why I didn't join my friends to the pool for a time.
      Great cap.