Monday, June 9, 2014

Bitchin Camaro! and the next DIY Challenge!

Chicks dig fast cars!

Pretty straight forward caption with no huge twists or turns. It also contains what just might be the truth of the ages. Form WITH function will always win out and chicks dig fast cars, whether they want you to know it or not!

Made this one for Sammie/Serena because I tend to owe her captions and I wanted to get it out of the way as soon as possible trade debt wise. When I saw the picture, all the elements just came right out into the open, and just GUSHED out into the caption setting right after I made it. I myself. and like my father, are partial to old Corvettes, but their younger cousins, The Camaro, are quite sexy as well. Driving one is like dating a plain model, rather than a supermodel!

An now, onto the DIY Challenge. Found the picture and I'm not quite sure what the hell is going on in the background. That is where YOU come in! Tell me what the story is behind the photo and I'll pl;ace it in the caption setting. The deadline is this Sunday, Father's Day June 15 at midnight PST. You can submit your plot by clicking on the "LATEST DIY" tab underneath the Blog Banner at the top of the page and then leaving it in the comments. That way we can (1) leave the comments section in this post for discussions on the above caption, (2) keep your ideas from accidentally spoiling someone else who'd like to take a crack at the DIY Challenge. Last thought: Do you want me to keep supplying the caption setting and placing your text in it, or would you prefer I just give the source picture and you create a full caption around it? You can certainly discuss that in the comments section below. Another option could be to give people the choice of their own caption or me placing your text into the setting I have provided.


  1. Lovely cap, it makes up for missing "Super Car Sunday" over here.

    I hope I can deliver on the DIY, I'm gonna try, but I have a busy schedule at the moment. The picture is interesting enough not to pass on it.

    Making a full cap, or have my story in your setting? Each has its own appeal.
    In my own setting I would be less limited to the length of the story, and I can make it look the way I want. The caption would be my brainchild completely.
    In your setting the limits I have with the length, forces me to be more creative with the way I tell my story, and should it become too long, the way you edit it improves the story. Also your setting is visually more appealing than what I currently am able to do.

    My train of thought and your question lead me to a point I didn't consider before.
    Until now I was like: My story in a Dee style cap? What can go wrong?
    For me the only thing was bad writing on my part. Your setting can only improve the cap.
    Now I wonder what is better. Giving the story a silver spoon, or leave it in its natural habitat, where it can show its own strengths and weaknesses?
    I think that's answered best by those who are familiar with my DIY submissions, and my caps at Rachel's Haven.

    You asked us what we would prefer, but if we want, you provide the source picture. It leaves the question to me, what would you prefer?

    1. Good question. My response would be:

      If you CAN make captions. you can take the picture I've provided and edit it as you wish, set it however you want, and truly make it YOUR caption, even under the constraints of my providing a photo.

      The option is there for those who at this point have not tried to make captions, or have limited options on creating them (ie. lack of private computer, lack of proficiency at graphics programs.etc ...) in submitting just their story line and have me place it into a pre-made caption setting. The hope is to get them interested enough to try their own hand at making captions, or at the very least, understand what a captioner is doing and hopefully get them to acknowledge the work that we do to make TG captions.

      I really don't mind putting people's creative writing into the caption setting I provide. I make sure to credit them so its separate from what I do. I hadn't really thought about people having to edit themselves to make it fit, but perhaps that makes the writers work harder and more concise as well.

      Anyway, to make a long comment longer, I really don't have a preference .. my goal is to try to get more people involved, in whichever way works best and doesn't drain all my time away from real life and making captions, which I would assume is one of the biggest reasons people visit.