Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Really? One of THESE? From Dee?

Yeah, figured I would give it a shot, trying not to be too cliche.

Really haven't been in the mood to make captions or write about them either for the last few days. Perhaps its Spring Fever, because I am usually always in the mood to discuss stories, premises, and anything of a TG nature. It could be the Haven being updated and remodeled, but I doubt it.

So anyway, I was just looking at some amateur porn, as I often do, and found this picture, and it gave me a bit of an idea that was outside my usual comfort zone, and honestly made me think about using a TG Universe that I'm not particularly fond of playing around in.

Since it did, I figured, what the hell! If it sucks, no big whoop because I didn't make it for anyone. If its good, then I just exercised my captioning muscle a tad and triumphed! If its somewhere in between, like I think it probably is, then it totally reflected my mood I was in while thinking about making a caption today. Low risk, and whatever reward I get is a total and complete bonus!

Since I don't read many Medallion of Zulo captions, I have no idea if I have repeated an often done trope, or made something out of the usual realm. Truthfully, I had to look up how to spell Zulo when I was making a label for it here on the blog. I originally thought it was Zulu.

I'm hoping I didn't rehash the "same old" since people aren't technically switching per se .. I guess our protagonist has become a carbon copy of the drag queen, and the maid became the protagonist. Does it count as identity death if the person that lost it thought that she had actually ended up with the better end of the deal?

Please let me know what you think, as this is going to be a blog exclusive. And if you weren't quite following, pretty much he was wearing the drag queens panties, and had his boxer shorts out so that he could switch back into his old form. The maid found the medallion and ended up touching the boxers and became him. I assume she took the rest of "his clothes". Now he's stuck because he doesn't have the medallion anymore.

Jeez, this kind of sounds like a certain sissy I know online!


  1. Oh my Dee! That is so deviously devilishly delicious. I love it!

    Kiss kiss,


  2. I must say, I've never really found the Medallion of Zulo Universe particularly appealing personally. But I like this. There's a lot of twists (like the fact that they are a drag queen) which appeal to me from a story perspective. Drag Queen + magic is not something I usually see in TG caps. Maybe most of 'us' prefer the 'finished' product more ;)

    Anyway. I like it. I liked it enough to comment, which I haven't done for a long time

    1. Glad you commented!

      I don't mind Drag Queen at all, and I wish it would be used more, especially when in conjunction with compulsions. Drag Queens just pretty much eat up controversy and will say outrageous things just to say them and be the center of attention, which is exactly the opposite of most guys if they were made feminine looking or turned into a woman.

  3. Nice cap!

    Not being a fan of Zulo stories, I can't really say whether it follows standard MoZ tropes or is blazing new ground. I'll add my appreciation to Miss Brittany's in saying that I like the use of a Drag Queen in a magical story. Design? Layout? Photo Selection? All of these are 'Dee' top notch, so no complaints there.

    But with all that... I still can't say that I really enjoyed the cap. That's the level of my MoZ dislike.

    1. Yeah, I really am not much on board with MoZ stories, which in a way is why I made one. Tried to switch it up a bit and make it enjoyable. I guess making it tolerable for you was about the best I could hope for and I did seem to hit that mark! LOL

  4. I enjoyed the caption. there are good moz caps but most are same old. liked the maid stealing his id and the drag queen angle. not quite sure where it leaves our victim? most drag queens are still fully male so guess not a forced fem cap so lost his life but still male. of course maybe our drag queen had implants and permanent make up and our poor fellow well be in the drag bars for a while, yes that's my version I'm a Meany.

    1. Well, you know me pretty well by now. Leaving his future vague is a good indication of a Dee-mentia caption, don't you think?

      I love your idea and it sounds about as good as anything else I could think of. Another thought could be that the former maid is hiding in the closet, waiting for him to touch the maid clothes on the floor, with the medallion hidden underneath. That could set off a booby trap, placing him in the Maid's body. As a strong male, she could then just wander off with the medallion and make him clean the room as a immigrant maid.

  5. This is actually very unique, a Male to Male and Female to Male transformation written in one caption.
    Each of them are rare, but I don't think I ever saw them combined.
    This in a way that even someone who preferres FtM enjoys it.
    Great job.