Sunday, May 4, 2014

Learning a Life's Lesson... and DIY Results!

One of the parts of Common Core that we can all agree is wonderful!

Made this quickie a few months ago, but hadn't had a spot as to where to post it. Figured it would be good to post here as I'll be listing the results of the DIY Reverse Mad Libs Challenge.

Pretty explanatory I would think. I bet everyone is thinking back to High School now and what lovely creature of the opposite sex you'd hope would have picked you to be wearing their lingerie, bikini, or field hockey outfit for that weekend! Quite a few candidates spring into my mind. I wonder how many of the girls would secretly be hoping this was actually true: getting a chance to deal with a restless anaconda in their pants for 3 or so days, feeling strong, tall, and invulnerable. What sorts of mischief would YOU have been up to in fulfilling this assignment? You DO have to follow an ordinary weekend that the girl goes through, so its not like you can hang around the comic book store all day, or try to hook up with the college boys .. unless THAT was what they WERE planning on doing! I think we all knew a few of THOSE girls, right?

Anyway, onward to the DIY Reverse Mad Libs Challenge from last weekend! As everyone knows, at least if you READ last weeks post HERE, Jinny on the Haven posted a picture and some words & numbers that needed to be in the caption. Everything else was at the writer's discretion. Here is the one I originally posted, for those who hadn't read it so mine woudn't influence what you wrote.

As I mentioned, it wasn't that hard to do, and the next challenge on the Haven is already up, though I haven't checked it out yet. From there, it was up to YOU to come up with your own story!

Ian submitted this one, and Scott certainly learned his lesson the hard way! I'm sure people could see the pink illumination for blocks!

Then we have Leeanne, who I think makes her first appearance in a DIY challenge! Way to go! A very positive entrance that was just the right length! Like the marines, in and out quickly .. and a few times each night too!

Here is Helena's submission, posted directly to the Haven, and in her own design. VERY direct and to the point, just like Helena herself!

.. and now the rest posted to the Haven, so we can get a good cross-sampling of how each person went about writing up their plot using the supplied words and picture.

This one is from Jinny (Jezebel) who created the Reverse Mad Lib challenge after a discussion we had on some other posting back on the Haven.

And this was created by SciFi Kara, taking the scientific approach, which is almost always a good idea to wrap a TG story around.

Hopefully everyone reading will enjoy this fun-filled challenge to show how even with common words and images, its all up to the individual caption creators in how to compose and reveal the story that is in their head. Anyone up for another round sometime soon?

Just wanted to remind everyone, if they hadn't heard, that we'll be updating most of the software at the Haven starting Monday (Edited, was originally Sunday) night, 12:01 PST (3 AM Eastern Standard Time) and so it will be down for some length of time after that. Its something that MUST be done, as we'd been delaying the upgrade for as long as we could. Now its, upgrade or there won't BE a Haven. Please forgive any glitches, issues, etc .. as we try to get everything under control over how many days its going to take. Hopefully it won't be too painful, but often, once you fix something, it tends to knock something else out of whack. What familiar features might be gone, and what cool things might be new highlights? We have no idea at this point, but hopefully everyone will have the patience to let things play out so the Haven can have at least another 8 years in cyberspace!


  1. Lovely caption. I had four girls in my class who played in the same handballteam. All of them looked great, and they were so close, that many boys suspected they were even closer when no one else was around. I guess I don't have to spell out what my mischieff would have been;)

    I know, my Reverse Mad Lib is somewhat short, but I was curious with how little words I could make mine, and it would still make some sense. At least to me.
    Me to the point? Well, actually, in RL I hear more often I elaborate to much;)
    Jinny's next Mad Lib one is also interesting.

    I think all other entries were great, and it is nice to see, how many different stories came from it, I wouldn't be surprised if there were some people who thought the stories would all be similar.

    Funny you picked Pink Floyd for a musical intermezzo, yesterday I downloaded a picture involving their album covers. I hope I can get it to work in a caption.

    1. I probably would have gone with one of the sluttier girls in the class, that wore lots of makeup and hair spray, skirts and heels, even when she didn't have to do so. Perhaps its why I find Drag Queens interesting, as these girls had all the subtlety of a Drag Performer! This was RIGHT before grunge really took off and women decided to follow the boys into dressing like lumberjacks.

      I was quite happy with all the submissions, and each person did bring their personality to the challenge!