Thursday, March 20, 2014

You Certainly Are a Dairy Queen!

which is mostly a set-up for a groaner of a pun of a word play!

Made this one back in December for Dawn (Commentator) and this is what I had to say in the post for her trading folder:
I was still in bimbo writing mode and tossed off this fast food quickie for you, mostly because I had a tad bit of wordplay bouncing around in my head .. and until recently I had no idea that the last word in my caption, which was often the first word following "Dairy Queen" on the sign, was until I looked it up online!
... and of course, I posted a PS to let anyone that didn't get the punchline, which was probably 90 percent of the population that is walking this earth, and that might be an underestimate, what exactly I was referring to!
The "Brazier" name has been slowly phased out of signage and advertising since 1993, although it has not been removed from all existing signage. Since the early 2000s, new or renovated locations which are similar to Brazier restaurants in terms of size and menu selection, but have been updated with the current DQ logo and/or exterior, usually carry the name "DQ Restaurant", although the DQ website's Store Locator still lists the non-G&C stores as "Dairy Queen Brazier" and the smaller stores "Dairy Queen Ltd Brazier".

I lived for a short time in Florida when I was young and there was a Dairy Queen Brazier about 2 blocks from the house I was in .. I thought it was pronounced like the undergarments, hence the caption!
Yeah, it was probably a long way to go for such a short payoff, but when has that ever stopped me before? The "plot" as it were pretty much came to me all at once. I believe that there aren't even lenses in the glasses that the model is wearing .. did you notice? .. its easy to get distracted I know. It was obvious that she was trying to look smart, and my brain went into bimbo mode. IQ became DQ, which implied Dairy Queen (which she does have a pair of wonderful milk mountains) which lead me to brazier .. hence the caption. It does seem quite organic, don't you think?
 Braziers are mentioned in the Bible. The Hebrew word for brazier is of Egyptian origin, suggesting an invention imported from Egypt. The only reference to it in the Bible is in Jeremiah 36:22–23, where braziers heat the winter palace of King Jehoiakim. In some churches a brazier is used to create a small fire, called new fire, which is then used to light the Paschal candle during the Easter Vigil.
 Who'd have thunk that a pointlessly lame bit of wordplay in a TG caption would have its origins from a piece of the bible, especially since we are now in lent? Not me!

What sort of caption would you have made out of the photo in this caption? I"m pretty sure you wouldn't have used a Dairy Queen reference, but what does the picture inspire in you? If I hadn't written this out, I'd might have gone with some sort of Superman story.


  1. Well personally I enjoyed it but then Dee and I and several others often engage in our own form of the Punic Wars on the Haven. The funny thing is I've lived in Florida for over 40 years and recognized the DQ reference immediately and the word was as groan-worthy then as it is now in this caption.

    1. We don't have nearly enough Dairy Queens up here, mostly because its too cold for much of the year to eat ice cream. The one DQ I know of is a few miles from Patriot Place, which is the big mall / hotel . stadium where the Patriots play .. and its sort of more of a fast food place .. much more than the Dairy Queens I remembered in Florida, which was mostly a walk up ice cream stand that also served hot dogs, burgers, and fries.

    2. We actually have a Diary queen here in my often cold hometown in Michigan. You'd like it Dee, as it's a simple walk up ice cream stand. I always get a kick out of the Mom and Pop ice cream 'stands' as they insist on opening up as early as possible... it's just too funny seeing a line of people all dressed up in their winter coats trying to get some ice cream!

  2. Quite clever sweet Dee. Did you think this up during a Blizzard?

    1. Awww. Don't pout Leeanne. Why don't you come over here and slurp on this banana split I conveniently have positioned in my lap? :P

  3. Puntastic cap Dee. I have to admit I didn't immediately get the Brazier part. It seemed familiar, but it didn't come through until you explained it.

    Nothing concrete comes to me when I look at the photo. Although after you mentioned superman, I can't get that out of my mind. I think I might have gone in the "sneaking back into college" story style with that image. Something like "I don't quite understand how this is going to get me good grades.... won't the professors call me back to their office for so blatantly showing off my new breasts!?"

  4. Great cap, and thanks for the explanation about the brazier. That extra info does add to the cap.

    I was thinking along the lines of a nerdy guy, who's eye sight improved also when he became a woman.
    If it would be one of your DIY's it would probably go like:
    "Ever since that leprechaun turned me into a woman, everything is a blur to me."
    "Okay?, but have you tried taking off your glasses yet?"